Future Windows 9 smartphone
31 October, 2014
Future Windows 9 Flexible Smartphone – Is it a Rumor?

An excellent Windows Phone concept Future Windows 9 Flexible smart-phone is completely best project that developed by Kent Dechjun. To know more information about this concept, continue reading this blog.

Windows 9 and Jumps to Windows 10
30 October, 2014
What is the Reason Behind Microsoft Skip Windows 9 and Jumps to Windows 10?

We all know that last week, Microsoft launched its most influential OS Windows 10 skipping Windows 9. Lots of people have a question in their mind that why company jumps to Windows 10, so go through this blog and find the reason behind it.

29 October, 2014
Twitter’s Announcement – Now Purchase Products Directly on Twitter

Recently, Twitter has launched a platform for real-time commerce with the help of some of popular celebrities, publishers, advertisers and merchants. To get more information on this platform you can continue reading this blog and share your views by commenting below.

New Nokia Lumia 835
29 October, 2014
Hanz Manuel Made Amazing Nokia Lumia 835

Nokia Lumia 835 has caught the attention of numerous people worldwide with its leaked specs and features. Still, the features and specs are not confirmed by the company; however, you can also have a look on the list of specs and features in this blog.

A New BlackBerry Passport
29 October, 2014
A New BlackBerry Passport – A Powerful Yet Cumbersome Device of 2014

BlackBerry Passport is completely best and feature-rich device that comes with plenty of features to impress you. If you are looking to get detail information about the features of the device, you can continue reading this blog.

Difficult eCommerce Customers
28 October, 2014
5 Major Challenges Faced by eCommerce Businesses in India

There are lots of different challenges that eCommerce businesses and owners are facing in Indian market. If you are also looking for making out an eCommerce store targeting India, you can some major challenges that you can find in this blog!

Flipboard App Finally
28 October, 2014
Flipboard App Finally Makes Its Way To Windows Phone Platform

Flipboard, a new and dynamic magazine-style news application, has been arrived on the Windows Phone 8 platform as the application makes it easy for users to get a curated crop of fresh new stories on their device.

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