Most of the people prefer to purchase windows phones due to its remarkable functionality.

However, there are some people who want to extend function of their device by adding apps.

Developing an app requires experienced developers.

So, here we have some tips for hiring windows phone developers.


Windows phone

Ever since the growth of Windows apps has skyrocketed, the demand for talented Windows Phone Developers has increased like mushrooms in the rainy days. According to some statistics, it is indicated that more than 50% smartphone owners are using application for shopping, at least once in a month. So, it is must to have Windows app developed for your business. Having Windows Phone app ensures you that you are not missing out any opportunities.

However, Windows Phone application development is a simple process and can be carried out according to business requirements, budget and market. Nothing is possible without hiring Windows Phone developer, who is capable to develop exceptional apps of different genres. In this post, we have highlighted some points that reach you to perfect application developer.

Portfolio- Ask For Work Samples

While hiring Windows Phone developers for your requirement, it is must to ask for project samples or portfolio of past work. This will help you to understand developer’s capability and years of experience in the development field. Moreover, going through developer’s portfolio will also help to evaluate developer’s aptitude, skills and experience in developing the kind of windows app you have visualized.

Testimonials – Clients Say About Developer

Read testimonial section as to verify app development credentials of developer. Additionally, it is must to check references of past and present clients to know how developer is working on their projects. This also helps to know the responsiveness, work ethics, reliability and experience of developer that you are considering to hire.

Look Out Communication Level- Understanding the Process

We all know that communication is one of the essential parts of Windows app development process as the whole development process depends on how clearly and frequently you are communicating with your hired designers/ developers.

‘Relevancy’ in Windows App Development

While hiring professional developers, it is advisable to do comparative analysis of the app developer’s industry experience to your project requirement. It is must to know whether developer worked on same project/ application. If yes, then look out his/her performance, the app review and ROI.

Innovation in Development

Many a time, we find some Windows developers, who have huge knowledge about development task. However, it is must to understand whether they are capable to deliver innovation and add creativity in your development task or not. Adding some extra edge towards excellence may result into marvelous development, if it is done in proper ways.

Know Whether their Created apps Generates Revenue or Not

Before moving with your development task, it is advisable to make a decision on revenue model for your windows app. If you are going with a paid version for developing apps for windows, you have to pay some amount to enjoy app features. On other side, if choosing a free version, it is must to know whether your hiring developers are well-versed in paid subscription services, mobile display ads integration or in-app purchases.

Understand Testing Process

Users must have to understand the app testing procedures that are followed by Windows developer. Make sure that a detailed explanation is provided by the prospective developer about how he/she would accomplish the app testing procedure with extensive beta test to clean-up any bugs. Also, you have to check how quickly the bug fixation would be executed by develop, if he/she founds.

Deployment Process:

Now, you have to move to next step and ask to a developer about an application submission process to get approval. Submitting apps to Windows Marketplace is one of the extensive and multi-step processes. It requires some days for approval.

Project’s Cost and Payment Terms:

Discussion on payment cost and payment terms are must to avoid future disputes. Users must have a one-on-one discussion about their payment terms, pricing packages, modes of payments, and so on. Most importantly, ensure to draft an agreement with clear mentioned details.

Copyright & Ownership

No matter, whether you are hiring the organization or the individual, users, who are financing, can have the rights of app ownership and copyright. Moreover, it is advisable to user to documented and signed all the legal formalities involving the ownership issues and copyright in the form of an agreement between ‘you’ and the ‘windows developer’ to avoid argument.


It is recommended to hire Window App developers based on their expertise and experience as hundreds of Windows app developers are available for developing apps of different genres for Windows device. However, users have to consider some important points before hiring windows phone developers to build a perfect app for their business. Still have any doubts? Contact our Windows experts. Mail Us: [email protected]

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