Have purchased a new android smart-phone or tablet?

It’s time to download some sizzling and free android applications in your device so that you can enjoy device fully.

Download 2016’s highly interactive and free of cost android apps for your android smart-phone and tablet.


Today, you can find plethora of android applications of 2016 that you can easily download for free of cost in your android smart-phone or tablet and perform different tasks hassle-freely. No matter whether you have purchase a budget phone, current flagship handset or any other android device, applications are what that make your device advance and give capability to perform any task.

Have you purchased a new Android smart-phone or tablet for your day-to-day life? If yes, now you will surely look for some best and free android applications of this year (2016) to download in your device to make it more powerful.

Find a complete list of android apps that are available for free to download in your device. Still thinking? Just give a quick glimpse on following android applications:

Weye Feye:
Weye FeyeThe most powerful and advanced Wi-Fi device enabling remote control of DSLR cameras no matter whether you use it in your android smart-phone or tablet, it facilities content sharing very quickly.

Through this app, it becomes easy for you to take pictures and record videos remotely. Along with it, you can view and change the DSLR settings wirelessly and also able to watch the live view from the DSLR wirelessly.

Download from Google PlayLondon’s leading and most popular restaurant discovery as well as booking application, Ruffl allows its users to find great local restaurants that have ready-table for them. By using this application, you are just three taps away from searching an excellent restaurant that serves wonderfully.

Download from Google PlayNow, you can bring some special moments to life with Flipgram application that allows its users to create exceptional short video stories with the help of Instagram, Facebook. All the users of this application can generate a Flipagram in just 3 easy steps and send it to their near and dear ones. Stuffed with some unique features, Flipagram is such app that you are looking for.

Download from Google PlayThis is a great android application that captures and watches what’s happening to you. Captured clips directly go to the world’s news desks locally and internationally. The best thing is that you will get rewarded for what’s used and viewed, so downloading this excellent application is a great choice.

Download from Google PlayIt is one such well-designed android app that you can pair with tado connection kit, which is considered as the first step to turn your house into a truly 21st century connected home. You are able to display the current temperature, set a visual display of your homes stats and you can get quite perfect estimation of your monthly bills.


Download from Google PlayOne of the best android apps that designed to provide people latest release Movies and TV shows through Xbox 360, Smart TV, web or android. Android based smart-phone users can download this application as there is no subscription fees only pay for what you watch.


Download from Google PlayIt is one more android application that packed with excellent features to target the filter loving and snap sharing market. It comes with lots of filters and presets, so users of this application can control over with balance and exposure along with the ability to import and export at full resolution. Android users should use this app to make your device’s images beautiful.

Download from Google PlayThis is one such app that automatically categorizes all of your apps and wisely rearranged your all applications throughout the day. To give you the apps and information that you need, Aviate known for rearranging your homescreen that simplifies your android phone and surfaces information that you need at the moment.

So, these are some of the best and free android applications of 2016 that every android smart-phone and tablet user should download to make their device highly useful. Every month, many new apps are launched by different companies, but selecting best ones is very crucial. However, users can also get their desired application as well; just they need to hire professional Google android expert, who has special expertise in android market.

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