We are running promotion campaign for our developed mobile app to make it more popular and increase downloads.

It is not enough to stick on single method; one can have to adopt various effective methods to promote at the great extents.

Here, we have listed 25 worthy tips that help you to promote mobile app/game without cost you a single dollar.


Promote Your Mobile Apps

We are spending weeks and months in designing and developing unique mobile applications. We know it takes much time to create mobile applications that actually we are looking for. However, when you are launching at App Store, you hardly get any downloads. What is the reason behind it?

Thinking of developing best application is half of the task, you have completed. The half will complete by promoting it in the optimum manners. We have kept a close eye on the mobile industry and find out the most effective ways to promote and monetize application with an ease.

Complete and Optimize your App

Ensure to complete your application first with good interface before submitting it to App Market. Avoid making mistake of submitting a partial complete application as it will lower the user ratings and waft your app plan completely.

Additionally, Google Play Market Algorithm will reach your application at the great extent when user rates your application well in its initial stage. It is considered as one of the best tips for increasing downloading numbers.

Optimize Your Email Signature

It would be good idea to provide a catchy one-liner related to your application along with download link. It helps to promote apps among people, whom you are sending mails.

Use the Power of Newsletter

Majority of people are reading mails on their smart device. So, it would be great to let them know through mail.

Press Release

Submitting press releases is one of the best options to promote your application without spending any money. There are many PR agencies, which are sending newsletter to bloggers that contains information about latest applications.

Post on Pinterest

To promote app, it would be great to use blog images, visual and infographics content from your application to develop content on your Pinterest board. Additionally, you can hold contests or use happy customer pictures.

Promote on YouTube

Watching videos seem to be interesting for users as well. It would be great to create some interesting videos that show how to access application and how application would be entertaining or useful for them.

Ensure to create video with better clarity and also understand the thing that is worth sharing. Additionally, you can also send a Pitch Email to any blogger in order to review your application. However, you have to ensure to send video link as it helps blogger to understand your application better and help them to write excellent application review.

Many a time, we are looking videos along with reviewed article that will helpful for creating more awareness.

Create Attractive Icon

We didn’t download any application that doesn’t have icon. It is researched that people are downloading applications on the basis of attractive icons. Having poor quality icons indicate poor quality of application. So, it is advisable to create beautiful icon related to your application.

Create a Facebook Group

It is advisable to form a group people that have common interest related to your mobile application. So, they can connect regularly and socialize. If you have developed application that has Food Recipes, you can create Foodies Group.

Get Speaking Opportunities

Get connected with events that are related to your application topics. You can visit to get recognized as the high authority in the space.

Use Free Content for Promotion

Another excellent way to promote application is through content. There are many sites like, offering free publicity through content. It is startup voting community, which gives ranking to the application at the end of the every month. Your application might be on the first page, if its idea is good and gets enough votes. accepts Windows, iPhone and Blackberry apps apart from Android, so it is good platform for promoting application. Those businesses, who want to boost downloads, can try this platform for promotion.

Voicemail Is the Best Option

Send voicemail that includes every interesting points of your application. Ensure to record mail in medium space, not so fast or slow.

Be Compulsive about Resolving Negative Reviews

Making customers happy become your brand ambassador for your application. So, don’t make your customer unhappy or dissatisfied by offering common features. Allow them to enjoy some unique features through your application and if they find something negative then make them positive with genuine real.

Contact Admin of related Facebook Pages

Search out the pages that have 100k+ likes and get connected with their admins. Ensure to have some focusing thing in this page related to your application. After that, you provide them an obliging reason to reveal it.

Add App Link in Your Customer Service Emails

One of the best parts of customer email is they direct reach to their customer’s mail box. So, if you are sending customer service mail to your customer then make sure to add your application downloading link.

Collect Email Addresses

Sending downloading link to the interested person of your mobile application is one of the excellent ways to grab people’s attention towards your product line. However, if you don’t have an extra device then write mail addresses to make list of interested people and send accordingly.

Add Mobile App in Your Presentations

Ensure to add mobile application in your application to let know people about your app. It would be great to add some special offer on your bio slide and the last slide for better result.

Make a Freeemium app

It is one of the best ways to allow people to download premium applications. There is a no doubt free application getting the user base and it enables users to purchase add-ons or the full versions, if they likes.

One can only have to launch a free application with an advertisement and have to promote by adding some advance features in the premium version. It would be great if you are launching your application for free for first 2 weeks with an aim to enhance your user base. After that, you simply upgrade the price.

Such type of marketing and promotion strategy works brilliantly for many applications and it also works your app as well.

Six-Second How-to series

Using Vine with video potential customer will be useful for promoting your latest mobile application. Use one of the top trending tags on Vine #howto (hashtag) and make your app popular.

Cross Promotions

It would be great idea to team up with two companies / pages that target same type of customers like you. There are many freebie sites available online, which is helpful in cross promotion task.

Post QR Codes

It is recommended to post QR codes on your product, in your store and other offline media along with a call-to-action button that encourage people to use.

Use Dubbler

One of the most unique promotional activities is to promote audio social network. Dubbler is one such site that offers a 60-second audio social network to promote blog posts or content with your app’s niche.

Add Link To Your Mobile App In Your Purchase Confirmation Emails

Customers surely view for confirmation emails just like customer service inquiries. So, it is considered as one of the best places to provide customer an incentive for related purchases.

Build A Microsite

Micro sites are of one or two pages sites that displays your application to the web audience. Want to know about what type of Microsite would be helpful? Check out Path and Snapchat.

Discuss Your Mobile App In The Appropriate Forums

Take help from some of the leading social media sites like Google+ Hangouts, Twitter chats, Yahoo and LinkedIn Groups, and other venues to start proper forums related to your application.

Create A Teaser Website

You have to create a teaser website before one-two months. You also have to gather email addresses of people, who are eagerly awaited to know when your app launches.

Above listed are 25 effective ways to promote newly developed or already existing mobile application.

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