Windows Phone Development is a new technology platform, but a collection of application of various categories for each of their device.

Among all categories, some of them are quite popular.

let’s know what categories they are by going through this post.


Popular Categories wp8

Currently, App development is a multi-billion dollar global business. If we are looking at Apple, its estimated app revenue is around $3.2 billion from the contents of app store only. Right now, the new industries are working at the full stretch by developing new applications and writing the software. Microsoft also races to fill its app store with latest and innovative applications.

Windows 8 Phone Development is one of the latest technologies than other mobile development verticals. It is emerged as the valuable vertical due to its short tenure and now, it is going to project itself as one of the most excellent competitors to the leading mobile platforms, Apple and iOS.

Why Windows Phone 8 Development Is So Popular?

All the credit goes to the extension of the Windows Phone 8 OS to multiple devices such as Nokia Lumia, HTC, etc. that worked to motivate the developers to create outstanding Windows Phone apps. Voice command is another essential factor that the Windows Phone family has. With this feature, users can simply operate the phone and application.

Some of the leading Windows Phone app Categories

Travel: Who don’t love to travel? We know everyone that why travel industry enjoys enormous popularity and have a collection of different travelling applications. Travelling application provides detailed information about tourism along with valuable details regarding metro train, flight, or bus ticket availability, stations, stops, etc. Travel Budget is one of the excellent app that helps to maintain your tour budget by showing you with tour expenses with Neat, Clean and Eye Catching UI. Using this application, you can setup new tour, add expenses related to tour and can do lots more things. It also provides you list of tours, view list of bags and expenses for specific tour, etc.

Entertainment: This is one of the hottest Windows Phone app development categories that include numerous applications related to HD Wallpapers, painting, movies, ringtones, etc. The widely popular application in this context is Flixster that deliver information about show times, films reviews by critics, movie trailers and so on.

Lifestyle: Lifestyle is another best category to look forward. It has blessed with stylish mobile applications that could help you to maintain an exquisite lifestyle. Magic Mirror is the popular Lifestyle application for Windows Phone 8 users. This application allows you to experiment with your looks by delivering fresh and fascinating color variations, hairstyles and more.

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