These days, the use of an iPad is increasing constantly as more and more people are opting for this wonderful device that enables users to have some quality time.

To allow users to have some more fun, there are numerous iPad accessories obtainable in the market.



These days, tablets are extremely popular as well as hottest devices because of its features, functionalities and performance that make users’ life more entertaining on the go as well. Among different tablets, Apple’s iPad is one of the great choices that used by millions of people worldwide, and they can have huge fun with iPad’s applications and enjoy numerous benefits.

When it comes to talk about iPad’s accessories, there are plenty of accessories that can be used to make your tab more powerful than before. Using different types of accessories, it becomes also possible for users to expand the capabilities of their iPads no matter whether they are using it for their business, entertainment or any other purpose.

Here in this blog, I have provides some awesome accessories for your iPad that you never heard of, so let’s have a quick look on the list:

Structure Sensor that known for scanning objects in 3D:

Structure Sensor is a great iPad sensor clips accessory that allows users to map entire world in three different dimensions. By using this accessory, users are allowed to detain perfect 3D maps of spaces without any hassle. However, one can also use it to model objects and scan themselves as well. If you want to combine it with 3D printer, then also it is easily possible to get things more unique. You can scan anything that you wanted to. Don’t you think it is completely excellent?

PUC and JamStik to Enjoy Lovable Music:
5Zivix is one of the leading companies that launched music instruments for your iPad. These music instruments are completely great that allows you enjoy wirelessly music without any kind of disturbance. When it comes to PUC, it comes with a MIDI port in order to connect your drum, keyboard, machine, DJ controller and offers through Wi-Fi to your iPad.

Apart from this, you are also allowed to download some iOS applications to turn your iPad into a full-blown synthesizer and recording device. The other great instrument is JamStik digital six-string guitar that wirelessly syncs to your iPad and remember that is more useful compare to PUC.

Sonic Chair:
3Being designed by German experts, Sonic Chair is what you want for your iPad to protect it. In the market, you would find numerous colors and versions of this chair, but the chair that you can find for iPad has a built in amplifier, sound membrane, speakers and lot more. Some versions are with docking stations, but this one has permanent attached in an anodized aluminum case.

This excellent chair is edged and tightly screwed in anodized aluminum housing so that it protects your iPad device wonderfully. It is also swiveled and turned, so iPad users should purchase this accessory that can be used brilliantly.

Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard:
2Magic Cube laser Projection keyboard is a Bluetooth device that lets you to protect your keyboard onto any flat service. This can easily deliver a multi-touch mouse. The layout this keyboard projects a laser light so that it will be easy to see in the low light. As you type, the central optical sensor also tracks your fingers. Comes with audio feedback, it allows to get some kind of sign when you register a key press. For lots of iPad users, this keyboard is a great accessory to be purchased.

iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet:
1iCade is one such iPad accessory that flash back the memories of playing gaming as it allows you to slide your iPad into a crude miniature versions of the machine, if you really wanted to used to feed quarters and play retro games. By having this excellent accessory, you can easily impress your friends, relatives and co-workers as iCad comes with retro design and more. It is an accessory with 100 arcade classics that can make full use of its mock wooden goodness.

So, these are some of the best and unique iPad accessories that allow you to expand your device and its features. These accessories also allow you to have some more fun with your iPad that you not imagined. Click here for more iPad News.

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