Though Google SERP shows millions of results for the term “software development” it is still difficult to hire software development services.


Hiring Development Services for Software Project

Most of you would be shocked with my revelation and would be thinking do I even know what I am saying. Of course I know what I am saying, and that is my personal opinion, do not blame me if you also feel the same after reading the post.

Think of your school days and you will realize how you were always (except the few rankers) scared of those result giving days and would have a hard day if you had scored badly.

Learned parents already enjoying good positions at work can set their expectations at any level, that is, really easy for them, but it is we who had to work really hard to meet their expectations. Yes, they reached that level only after passing through that stage of outperforming.

The paradigm resembles to the present Google and you, Google has all the algorithms and statistics ready to rank a site but a greater job lies for you at the other end.

Google can rank sites only based on the sites search engine optimization, relying on the rankings cannot be a sure shot way to selecting the right software development company for you, as lot of things need to be considered before you prepare to partner with a web development company and so I say “it is difficult to hire a software development company”.

However you can ease your job a little by ensuring that you adhere to the following “5 key points to hiring software development services” before you strike the deal with a self proclaimed web development company:


Many companies brag about their capabilities with attractive tag lines like “We can handle any project with ease”. You need to know that software development is not easy, even tried practices tend to fail when applied on a different scenario.

Hence make a real check on their client portfolio to know what are their capabilities and if they can develop the type of project you have for them.

Price against value:

This is a popular concept you utilize when shopping, you buy only those things which are worth their price. Similarly for software development make your decision wisely, different companies will quote differently for your project, however you need to compare the services you will receive against the charges.

It would be wiser to go with a web development company offering maintenance for a higher price then for a company not offering maintenance but quotes really low rates. Remember it would be a different decision making process when hiring offshore software development companies.


When you are the boss you are less likely to have enough time at your disposal to look after development during the office hours. Sometimes it might happen that you check the report later during the night and feel the need to talk to the project manager to discuss the further development process.

If the project manager is available as per the “round the clock” availability promise made by the company than it is good for you, as then you do not have to wait for hours to discuss the points. However if he is not available then you are likely to feel frustrated and also forget the points you would have wanted to discuss with him the next time when he is available.


Software development companies will be able to work on your project as per your expectations only when they are able to understand your requirements. Check if the software developers at the other end understand the language you speak, failure to check this out can result in your project’s failure.

Checking communication skills at the other end is especially important when partnering with offshore software development companies, because they are located outside your country and so there are chances that the software developers at these companies might not be fluent in the language you speak.

Project bases VS hire a developer:

Both these options are good depending on your needs, if you need help on a project that you are already handling then hiring a software developer on hourly bases would be good, however if the entire project needs to be done from scratch then it would be better to go for a software development team.

As subject guides in school days made it easy for us to learn our lessons, the 5 key points explained above will help you make the right decision with respect to hiring software development services.

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