Windows Phone 8 comes with some remarkable features that make this device stand out from others.

Now, it becomes easy for users to enhance their Windows 8 devices with a host of powerful apps - tools, productivity, games, multimedia, etc.


5 Popular Windows Mobile Apps

Such Windows application can be by hiring experienced Windows Phone Apps Developers from reputable Windows Phone 8 Development Company. For now, we have listed some of the best Windows applications that you must download for your device. Check out our collection:

LEGO® Hero Factory Brain Attack
LEGO Hero Factory Brain AttackInstall this application and enjoy all awesome 3D graphics, incredible weapons and an army of evil brains by playing LEGO® Hero Factory game. While playing this game, you can easily customize your hero with fantastic Armourand weapons. Moreover, options like Bulk, Furno, Breez or Rocka are available to fight as your sidekick.

Fotor – Color Splash Studio

Fotor - Color Splash StudioFotor – Color Splash Studio is one of the excellent Photo-editing Windows Mobile Apps that allow users to add colors to their black-and-white picture. Using this application, users can give a classy look to their photos without spending hours for difficult interfaces and other editing software. One of the best things about this application, it allows users to adjust the sharpness, saturation and brightness of the colored parts of their photo.

8tracks radio
8tracks radio8tracks radio music application allows to listen to over 700,000 “online mixtapes” for any mood or occasion. It plays music for every genre and country, and each of its play-list is created by someone who knows and loves music.


Taptitude Unlimited
Taptitude UnlimitedTaptitude Unlimited comes with more than 80 addictive and interesting mini-games that test your skills. Some of the most interesting features of this game are Rich Crafting System, Hundreds of items to unlock and lots of other things.
Hotels.comWith this remarkable Windows Mobile App, travelers can search out more than 150,000 hotels throughout 200 countries. One of the best things about this application is it allows to access 20,000+ last minute deals to make your trip more enjoyable. In case of any convenience, you can be the simple call a dedicated team of hotel experts to solve your queries.

Above listed are some of the best Windows Mobile Apps that you should install in your Windows device to get utmost from it. Additionally, if you want to develop Windows app of your choice, hire Windows Phone Apps Developers from the reliable development firm.

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