Are you an android user?

If yes, this blog contains a list of 6 best android applications that you should not miss this week as these apps are excellent and stuffed with some advanced features to give incredible experience.


Every week, there are lots of new android applications launched in the market for android users to make their day-to-day work a lot easier. Once again, Google have gone beyond expectations to offer some wonderful and feature-rich applications to its users.
Finally, most popular and experienced developer Chainfire sits down in order to talk about the future of root applications, so here are 6 highly advanced Android applications that should be on every android smart-phone.

Whistle Camera:
Don’t you think that it is a completely amazing app as you just Whistle and take a picture? Now, taking a picture is a lot easier and fun loving for you as you whistle and your cam will automatically make a high quality picture. With Whistle Camera, clicking selfies become so easy – just enjoy this amazing application with your friends, relatives and dear ones to click some best selfies. You can use the front or rear camera, whistle and smile.

AllCast Receiver:
AllCart Receiver is all new companion application to the AllCast phone as well as tablet application. Android users can make use of this newly launched application for sending pictures, videos and music to the Receive application seamlessly. Being a perfect application, it can be easily installed on your Fire TV, Ouya Android TV stick or Google TV as well. So, if you have decided to play something from your phone to your tablet, just install this high-end application and start streaming it.

Summoner Wars:
As we all know that Summoner Wars was the most popular game on iOS platform and finally it make its way to Android platform that is extremely surprising amount of press. Summoner Wars is the digital card game with board game mechanics baked in.In this game, users need to collect cards and then play a sort of customized chess game with them against either AI or real life opponents. The best thing about this gaming application is it is quite a bit of game play, in app purchases, cross platform support and more.

This new and best Android application Addappt is the always up-to-date address book application that updates instantly when friends change their contact information on their phone. We all know that it is important that we have contact information, but what if people keep changing it all the time.

This application is a replacement for your phone’s native contact book. Founded by Microsoft and LinkedIn employees, this application will surely gain lots of popularity in the market.

QuickClick is a very simple yet wonderful application that allows users to set either a volume button or a sequence of volume buttons to perform certain actions. Users of this application can start any action with a sequence of Volume buttons click and they can easily take a picture or a video, toggle flashlight on and off, record an audio and more. For an example – after clicking the volume up once volume down once you can say to turn on your camera in instant succession and then when you do that, the camera will open.

Secret finally obtainable on Android platform and it is one such application that is the best way of expressing your internal thoughts completely anonymously. Users of this app can share this app to their friends and if they like it, it will be getting shared to their friends. The best part of this application is that it is a great way of speaking openly and honestly without having any negative effects.

Above mentioned 6 android applications are extremely best in terms of features and functionalities, and every android user should not miss these applications as they can extend the capabilities of their device and gain maximum benefits.

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