6 Workable Tips to Manage Yourself in Difficult Customer Service Scenarios

March 10, 2014
Left Inverted Comma Many time, we are facing some difficult scenarios that make our customer unsatisfied. Giving tips to deal with such situation, here we come with solution that would help you while talking to your customer. Read this post and know what they are. Right Inverted Comma

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Sales representatives must have to deal with all types of customers, from brute to bully. Once in a while, our representative finds a difficult scenario that comes along and unnerves you. In such situation, you are feeling difficulty in handling challenges with elegance. Looking at your problem, here we come with some extra ordinary solutions that surely work for you to provide better customer experience.

How to Deal with Angry Customers?

Customer only angry in two situations, the one is customer’s anger is unjustified and another is they have actual cause for their action. In order to manage yourself with such situation, you have to do below given things:

  • Firstly, Apologize sincerely
  • Feel sorry for angry customers
  • Accept your responsibility
  • Be ready for help and provide alternatives.

When You don’t have an Item

No company likes to tell that they don’t have products right now. Removing negative words, it is advisable to say, “We actually receive product next month. You can place your order with us and we will deliver your product next month.” replacing in positive manners will enhance a good impact of you in customer’s mind.

Request That Cannot Be Fulfilled

Many a time, we are unable to fulfill customer’s request. In such case, instead of saying “No” simply provide another reliable option to your customers that can solve their problems.

When a Sales Person Doesn’t Have any Idea

Sometime, sales representative doesn’t have any about any customer’s queries. In such situation, one should have to find out another solution without disappointing their customer. Saying “we don’t know” gives negative impact to your customer and he/she might doesn’t come back again.

Feature Request That Won’t Work

Sometimes, customers come to representative for getting information about how to use product or how it could be enhanced. Instead of saying “we’ll take a look” that delivers false hope, you should say “We really appreciate your thoughts but as of now it is not a perfect fit and apologize that could be applied.”

When Transferring A Customer

Transferring customer’s call is done to help customer with better solution. Before transferring call, it is advisable to say “You Are Being Transferred to Our Specialist Who Can Solve Your Problem in a Better Way” to customer with a polite manner; otherwise Customer feels his/her problem would not be solved for sure.

These are some workable tips that you should use in the time of inconvenience. If you are facing some more problems instead of given above, you can share through our comment section and we will happy to give you worthy solution. For any other solutions for ecommerce website, click here.

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