The latest Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 comes with a collection of features like a 21x zoom lens, a 4.8” HD Super Clear LCD display and so on for $450.

Pre-order your camera now at Best Buy, Amazon, etc.and get it by Mid-March 2014.


Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

In the mid-march, the latest version of the odd device, Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 starts shipping globally for $450. Those camera-lovers, who are living in South Korea, can grab the Galaxy Camera 2 today for 499,000 won. However, the rest will have to wait for some weeks. People can have Galaxy Camera 2 for pre-order on at the cost of $449.99 after releasing on March 10, 2014.

Some experts review the real Galaxy Camera back in December of 2012 and find out it is bit of a wait for a descendant. This is perfect time for Samsung to launch version 2 as the original was an odd beast. Talking about Galaxy Camera 2 features, it comes with the same decent a 21x zoom lens and sensor from the original along with latest processors, software and eye-catchy classic design. Furthermore, it also has a 4.8” HD Super Clear LCD display that allows to frame or view images in incredible detail.

If we are differentiating the Galaxy Camera 2 and its predecessor, we find that the cellular data that is capable of the latest model. The decision was most certainly driven by sales figures as Wi-Fi only version was available for $450 and the mobile connected device was $200 more at one point. One of the best things about this camera is Samsung kept the cost same and added some features like bigger battery, faster processor, notably NFC, a “selfie” alarm, and Android 4.3 to deliver fabulous functionality.

Last but least, this camera featured an upgraded 1.6 GHz Quad-Core processor, which is supported by a massive 2.0 GB of RAM. Having all such functionality, this latest device is worth buying.

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