It’s been less than a week since Android M has been introduced by the company at its official event.

The company revealed its new platform and provides huge information about it.

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Android M

Since Google has revealed it’s all new Android M platform, all the android fans have gone mad as they are gone over the Android M developer build with fine-toothed comb looking for hidden features that are not mentioned by Google.

When it comes to talking about the Android Lollipop, the most controversial feature of the system is “interruptions” that unclear the basic mute functionality behind a new layer of choices.

Nevertheless, Android 5.1 brings some of the best changes to interruptions, making it a lot simpler to comprehend how they work and change when different modes are active.

However, for average users, it is still seemed like a difficult, over-engineered solution to a problem, which didn’t exist to begin with. Enter Android M. Google’s Dave Burke seemed to admit that the changes to Lollipop’s volume setup had not been mainly well received at the recent Google I/O keynote.

It also assured an easy system in the next version of the OS. Still, nothing should be considered finalized as you should remember that M is still a developer preview. There are sufficient changes to consider over as we can give a deep look after the break:

Do Not Disturb in Android M

“Interruptions” is now “Do Not Disturb”

Do Not Disturb is the new feature of Android M developer preview, and this new mode can be toggled through the instant settings menu in the notification shade, and users can change between the various modes by tapping this new icon.

  • Priority only works like Lollipop’s priority mode, enabling you block all interruptions except those from people and applications that you are considering important.
  • In Lollipop, total silence working like the “none” setting, blocking everything comprising alarms.
  • In Android M, alarms only is completely new feature and blocks everything except alarms.

The option to switch among different modes is only obtainable in the quick setting area, not through the Settings app in the first developer preview. The Settings>Sound & notification > Do not disturb menu is simple that used to set what gets through in “Priority only” mode, and control automatic DND rules.

Mute Mode in Android M –

Mute Mode android M

Basically, mute mode is backed in the current M preview while it is not labeled. Offered DND mode is not allowed, imperative the volume down key again with the volume level set to vibrate will activate the “alarms only”.

It means there will be not intermittent by calls, emails and other notifications overnight; however, your alarms will still fire the next morning.

Automatic Rules –

In Android M, automatic rules for Do Not Disturb are new. You just have to found under the Settings > Sound & notification>Do not disturb > Automatic rules, this feature allows you set particular DND modes based on particular conditions, for instances particular times on specific days or during events on one of your Google calendars.

Automatic rules must make it a lot simpler to use DND without manually hopping between modes.

Things Can & Possibly Will Change

Still, Android M platform is the developer preview stage, so whatever the features you may have heard about it are not final. Before it arrives later in the year, we are expecting to see a lot more preview builds.

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