Now, Windows and Windows Phone users can also take advantages of a credit-card scanner through PayPal Here.

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PayPal Here Soon at windowsphone

One of the best PayPal’s dongle-based mobile payments solutions, PayPal Here is available for Android tablets. With this move, we are expecting huge growth in the tablet market. About 62% of tablets were sold last year, according Gartner. Talking about PayPal Here, it is one of the best applications that enable users to accept credit and debit card payments and mobile payments through PayPal. However, one must have customers “check in” through the consumer-facing PayPal app.

The best thing is PayPal Here application was already available for Android device and now, it comes to support larger screen. After downloading this application, users are able to monitor sales and set discounts, tips and taxes, manage their inventory and many other things by using Android tablets. Additionally, this application comes with recently launched features that already offered to Android smartphone and iOS.

Apart from Android and iOS, now PayPal Here makes its space in Windows device in early 2015. We got information through mail that contains information about the pilot program that set to start in “January-February 2015”. We also come to know that PayPal Here app is first release in Windows 8.1 and after that, Windows Phone 8.1.

Windows Phone

In spring 2012, PayPal Here was announced for financial-transaction Company that gives strong competition to Square, who was directing mobile POS through smart devices and phones. A card-reading dongle is included by the service that has the 3.5mm headphone jack that works along with software to carry out the transaction and monitor sales.

Square doesn’t make any plan for support Windows or Windows Phone. Moreover, independent companies have more change of adopting PayPal Here that finally arrived for Windows and Windows Phone. At present, an application for Windows Phone is available but consumers have to manage their account by their own.

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