Are you finding your application lost in cramped app store?

Do you know how to highlight your application from collection of applications?

Find some essential points to create your application stand out from other and reach to target market.



With hundreds of thousands of apps on the market, it can be hard for people to find your app that you’ve worked hard on. However, if you know how to properly market your work, you could potentially have hundreds, if not thousands of downloads in no time.

Choose a Good Keyword

If you’re familiar with SEO, known as Search Engine Optimization, then you probably know how important a keyword can be. When most people search for an app, they will search for a keyword. So for example, if they are interested in a tip calculator, there’s a good chance they will search for “tip calculator.” When choosing a keyword, just make sure you don’t infringe upon any trademarks or take a name that is already taken on the market.

Research your Competitor

Unless you’re going to be 100 percent unique, there’s going to be a good chance that you already will have some competitors. On the market, search for your competitors, and see how they are doing in terms of downloads, features they offer and what makes them stand out. This is a great way to get download estimates and read feedback from their users.

Picking the Right Category

A category is crucial when uploading your app. If you’re unsure of which category to use, consider looking at some of your competitors. When it comes to categories, the more competitive it is, the more likely you are to get more downloads. Don’t be afraid to submit to categories with a lot of competition.

Pick an Amazing Icon

An icon is everything when creating an app. If you don’t have the artistic abilities to create an eye-catching icon, it’s so important that you consider investing in one. If your app has a poorly built icon, then people are just going to assume that you have a poorly built app.

Screenshots are Everything

Before a user downloads an app, there’s a good chance that they are going to read the description and browse through the screenshots. With a screenshot, make them exciting and entice the user to sign up. Try to be as informative and creative as possible so that the user knows what they are getting ahead of time.

Write a Description

As mentioned in the screenshot section, a good description is necessary. Just like creating an icon, if you don’t feel you can write a good sales copy, it may be ideal to hire a good copywriter. So let’s say that you wanted to create that tip calculator. If you just wrote something simple, most people will probably skip over it. Instead, list reasons why your app is the best. Whether it’s the unique features, awards it has won or the simplicity, it’s up to you to be creative. The more words your description has, the more likely it will rise to the top with searches.

Get Downloads

During your first week, your downloads are going to be key. The more downloads you have, the higher your rank will be. When it comes to getting downloads, there are a million ways to do so. Some of the most popular ways include writing a press release, social media, using a marketing agency, app review websites and reaching out to blogs. If your app is good enough, word should spread fairly quick.

Track your Users

Lastly, when your app is live, it’s so important that you track your users. This is going to help you get a good idea what your users are doing. It will also help you A/B test when tinkering with descriptions and pictures. The more you play with your analytics, the more downloads you can potentially receive.

By testing, tweaking and working hard, there’s no reason your app can’t stand above the rest.

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Derek is currently blogging for HudsonHorizons, an integrated web agency located in northern New Jersey. He enjoys blogging about technology, SEO and social media.

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