Are you thinking to target users from different platform to expand your business at the global level?

Developing Cross platform application is one of the best options to target users from different platforms.

Read this post and know different features offered by Titanium to developers.


Appcelerator Titanium Development

Increase in the growth of sales of mobile devices enhances the demand for cross platform frameworks. There are many mobile development frameworks like HTML5, PhoneGap and Titanium available in the market to develop single apps for multiple devices. However, Cross platform Titanium app development framework ranks high by delivering 60% faster development and minimize development cost as well. Titanium is one of the effective tools for creating more than 50, 000 for over 15 crore devices.

Anyone, who wants to develop, test or implement mobile apps, can have this open development environment for creating apps. one of the best things about developing cross platform apps is it create native apps across various mobile devices, BlackBerry, Windows, iOS, Android and other operating systems. Below given are some core features of Appcelerator Titanium, let’s check out:

Titanium SDK:

Titanium SDK is JavaScript-based that allows developing hybrid, native and mobile web apps for all leading mobile OS and devices from a single code base. It delivers immersive user experience through more than 5000 APIs within stipulated time-frame. There are many communities of Appcelerator Titanium developers contributing open source SDK for enhancement and extensions. CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION

Titanium Studio & Studio IDE:

Titanium Studio is a modern IDE, facilitating in creating different types of mobile applications by simplifying process. With Titanium Studio, one can easily operate all his/her projects in a single view and helps developers in quick development, packaging and publishing and testing applications for different operating systems and devices.

Studio IDE enables in creating cross platform and native mobile apps from single code base. Moreover, developers can easily have Titanium app development by reusing about 60-90% code and at affordable costs than other environments.

Appcelerator Alloy:

Based on Model View Controller architecture, this development framework delivers a simple model for business logic, separating data models, and application UI. Appcelerator Alloy allows creating high quality, rich and scalable apps and it can be used by experienced as well as novice developers. One of the best things about Appcelerator Alloy it allows coding application by using JavaScript, CSS and XML and also takes benefit of reusable widgets support, offline storage support and Alloy CSS themes.

Titanium Cloud Services:

Titanium Cloud Services is a Mobile Backend as a Service, offering faster ways to create connected mobile application by creating your own cloud service or you can have option to choose from collection of other services such as photo storage and status updates, social integration push notification and so on. With this, you can have chance to take a reusable and modular approach for supporting different kinds of mobile apps with a single cloud based backend.

More About Titanium Developers

So, what are thinking of? Get ready to choose Titanium Appcelerator for creating cross-platform apps with amazing features and save time and money towards developing application. Click Here

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