Do you have enough information about Android M and Apple iOS 9 so that you can decide that which OS is more powerful? No?

Here, we have compared both iOS 9 and Android M operating systems so that you can decide which one is the best.

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iOS9 vs Android M

Recently, Apple has announced its most awaited and next-generation operating system “iOS 9” for its iPhone and iPad. The all new iOS 9 will compete with Google’s Android M as the Android M has been announced by the company at I/O 2015.

The debate over which operating system is better continues as everyone is looking for the most powerful mobile operating system to use. With the unveiling of the new versions, everyone has question in their mind that how does Android M and iOS 9 compare to each other?

Let’s have a look at the comparison of both iOS 9 vs. Android M operating systems and decide which one is the best:

Personal Assistant & Voice Recognition

Google’s Android M is offering the all new voice recognition feature while Siri is still performing same function for Apple. However, Google has worked hard to boost voice recognition for search tools, with major focus on enhanced handling of mispronounced words and informal requests.

When it comes to voice recognition, it is an extremely useful technology and delivers a range of benefits to its users in their day-to-day life. So, it will be huge fun to see how it compares with iOS 9 that comes with similar functionality. In addition to this, users are also able to enjoy Google Now and Siri’s improved contextual consciousness abilities with the release.

Android Pay & Apple Pay

Google come-up with Android Pay system for revamping its mobile payment system and give sturdy competition to Apple Pay. To make sure that huge number of iPhone users will use the system for regular purchase of goods, Apple had launched its proprietary mobile payment system.

In this field, Google has already taken a plan through the Google Wallet System. However, the company chooses to fully re-organize its mobile payment offerings. Android Pay is fully compatible with AmEx, Visa, Discover cards and MasterCard whereas transporters Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile are also on board.

Indisputably, the mobile payment system will be considered as a major commercial niche as mobile payments will be the most important part of numerous people’s regular life in the upcoming years.


Now, Google has also promised its users to notably update its maps to offer a lot of new capabilities, including introduction of offline features. In iOS 9, Apple too is looking forward to placing significant on Apple Maps.

Currently, Google Maps is considered as the most preferred mapping technology obtainable in the market while on the other hand, Apple is working hard to decrease the gap by developing brand awareness for its maps.

Privacy Settings

By enabling particular apps to specify privacy and security provisions, Android M has tried to make app permissions a lot simpler for third party apps. Therefore, it becomes easy for users to control permissions granted to each application.

It is an enhancement over other earlier versions of the Android operating system. As compare to Apple, still there is a long way to go for Google to catch up with its rival as Android M still needs huge information from the users. A lot of users prefer to keep their information personal, and they will favor iOS 9 over the Android M OS.


The all new Apple’s Photos application is competing with Android’s new photos application. However, the Apple’s new photos application is cloud-based image organization.

Moreover, Android M will also enable you to save numerous amounts of photos that are up to 16-megapixels in quality along with 1080p videos. However, Apple failed to meet the offerings of Google because of the megapixel restrictions; however, it was the first one to bring its own proprietary application to the market.


At last, both Android M and iOS 9 have their own errors and strengths. Apple is identified the areas in which iOS is fairly weaker than Android M. Both Apple and Google never seem to become satisfied and will keep their fans and critics.

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