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Apple iPhone 6S Features

Last year in September, Apple had launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and there is no surprise that this year in September, the company will also launch Apple’s smartphone.

Apple fans are eagerly waiting for the company to announce its much awaited device iPhone 6S. Below, we have mentioned all the rumors about the iPhone 6’s successor that dubbed iPhone 6S comprising new features and release date rumors.

In this post, we have mainly focuses on the next-generation of iPhone 6S’s rumors that is expected to launch in the month of September 2015. Let’s give a look at the rumors:

iPhone 6S rumors – Is Apple not going to launch iPhone 6S & directly moving to iPhone7?

As per the reports, the iPhone 6S may not launch. The iPhone that launches this September will have such important and exclusive features which Apple skips the iPhone 6S and move to iPhone 7 claimed by trusted KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. However, his reports are seemed confirm that all new features are undeniably important.

In the month of May, he also revealed various major features that will be present in the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus when they launch next month. As per the Kuo, who have made such claims while talking with investors, iPhone 6S will show-off the following:

Force Touch Display – As per the Kuo, it will be a great and generous feature of the new iPhone. It also means that the demand will significantly balances supply, so expect the iPhone 6S to sell out even faster than normal.

The screen sizes: the screen sizes of both the phones are set to remain same – 4.7in and 5.5in. With 4in display this year, there will not be new iPhone 6C. However, iPhone 6S is surely coming along with the existing gold, silver and space grey. The upcoming iPhone 6S will come with a 12Mp camera on the rear while a microphone on the rear for excellent audio quality for videos.

Moreover, users can see a Touch ID that is mainly enhanced as Apple Pay becomes more important. In the month of August, mass production is expected to begin, and Kuo has claimed that total shipments will reach to 90 million in 2015 with the 4.7 in iPhone outperforming the 5.5in iPhone 2 to 1.

Release Date of iPhone 6S – When it will come out in Market?

For the iPhone 6S, the most likely release date is September 2015 that will follow Apple’s iPhone release schedule history. In September 2014, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were released, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were released in September 2013 and iPhone 5 in September 2012 and the iPhone 4S in October 2011.

In order to back-up that theory, some hours before WWDC 2015 was due to begin; some reports appeared, suggesting the iPhone 6S will release on 25th September 2015. As per the Mobile News that supposedly got sent an email that was sent to internal staff by Vodafone.

Apple’s iPhone 6S Rumors – A biggest iPhone order ever placed by Apple

According to the mid July reports from The Wall Street Journal Apple has given ordered between 85 million and 90 million units of the iPhone 6S as it arranges for its launch. However, last year Apple is believed to have given ordered of 70 to 80 million units, but they instantly sold out; therefore, it is clear that Apple is looking forward to huge demand again this year.

As per the reports from Taiwan at the beginning of August, all the suppliers have begun pacing production of Force Touch components coming to the iPhone 6S now that there is just one month to go until the expected iPhone 6S launch events. In the third quarter, the shipment of the iPhone 6S is expecting to reach up to 40 million and 50 million in the fourth, says Digitimes that is lower than the reports mentioned above.

What are the new Features that iPhone 6S will have?

Now, there are lots of rumors about the upcoming iPhone that started rolling out on the web. We have gathered a lot of rumors so far and listed about iPhone 6S’s expected features, specs and design:

We have not thought that the design of the iPhone 6S will be so much different compare to the iPhone 6. However, the company leans to keep the external design for its iPhones for two generations, so users can get the same light, rounded and slim design, which they have experienced in the iPhone 6.

As per the constant rumors from The Wall Street Journal about the design of the iPhone 6S, users will be able to purchase a new pink model as well along with Silver, Gold and Space Grey.

Below, you can see several realistic concept pictures of what the rose gold iPhone 6S might look alike:

rose gold iPhone 6S

Apart from this, the company has also briefed a simple way to make use of a new composite metal material, which is slim enough for radio frequencies to pass through; however, it is disguised as the anodized metal, which is the rest of your iPhone is made of.

When it comes to talking about the another rumor about the design, iPhone 6S might be little thicker compare to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus to make room for the new Force Touch technology that rumored to be coming to the smartphone’s display. It is not a huge different – the next iPhone will be 0.15mm longer and 0.2mm thicker.

It is one such rumor that inspired by an official Apple right, describing “sidewall displays” which enlarges onto the sides of the iPhone, offering interactive or touch-sensitive portions, which give access to the slide-to-unlock feature, messaging readout, music player controls, caller ID, system controls and more.

iPhone 6S Resilience: Gorilla Glass, Sapphire Glass and Liquidmeta

Earlier there was a big debate on whether the iPhone 6S will be more durable comprising sapphire glass, Liquidmetal or anything, but the bankruptcy of Apple’s sapphire partner has placed a spanner in the works there, to say the least.

Recently, GT Advanced Technologies has partnered with Apple in order to produce sapphire glass at an Apple-owned factory in Arizona, which could have been used to manufacture 200 million 5in iPhone display; therefore, without that partnership, the possibility of sapphire glass used in an iPhone any time soon is damaged considerably.

Force Touch Display

According to Taiwanese site TechNews, Force Touch display features may come soon on the iPhone, but as per the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, which could make the all new iPhone faintly thicker than it is now.

Apple has also revealed a new MacBook on 9th March during its Spring Forward event, and with it, the brand-new Force Trackpad comes with it that make use of the same Force Touch technology as the Apple Watch.

It means there are lots of new features to enjoy and new gestures that are worth. When it comes to talking about Force Touch, Timothy Arcuri from Cowen and Company said: “It takes a two-dimensional screen and basically makes it three-dimensional.”

Tavis McCourt from Raymond James & Associates, an analyst, says “I think the iPhone 6S will have more hardware improvements than any other S version that I can remember. I think it will have significantly better use experience.” He added, “That better user experience will come from the extra RAM”.

iPhone 6S rumors: Touch ID Improvements

Currently, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor exists at under the Home button; however, a copyright filed by Apple and published by the US patent and Trademark Office in February 2015 hints, which the company is interested in making a Touch ID sensor, which is built-in to the display.

A sensor can detect the user’s fingerprint on the display or it can also recognize the multiple fingers at once for enhancing more security. Well, it is not first time that such technology has emerged.

Phone 6S Rumors: Facial Recognition

There is one new patent awarded to Apple suggesting that facial recognition would be coming to the iPhone as a means to unlock the device. The image of the users will be clicked by the iPhone using the front-facing camera, and following analysis, offering it is a match, will unlock the device.

If Apple has untested the technology, it doesn’t mean that it will make use of while – scanning fingerprints seems much more secure. At an associate and get their ID though, we would not like to be able to point phone as it would save us from those awkward moments when you have forgotten who someone is.

So, these are the different rumors about iPhone 6S that we have mentioned to let you know. Well, how many of these rumors are true no one knows. Let’s wait and watch what company is going to release on September 2015.

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