Newly Redesigned Square Reader introduced by Square.

This thinner credit card reader is developed by Apple Lightning Connector Designer, Dorogusker.

Read this post to know more about this credit card reader and its functions.



A newly redesigned Square Reader, developed by Apple Lightning Connector Designer, unveiled by Square, which is about 45% thinner than the previous version and more precise at reading credit and debit cards. This latest version of credit card reader delivers some remarkable improvements over the previous model. The new reader of Square is debuted through the Vine video from Square user Blue Bottle Coffee.

A redesigned 3.5mm audio input plug is one of the most essential changes seen that means now, new Square reader should be simpler to use on different types of devices. The development of Apple’s Lightning connector, the two-way plug that replaced the 30-pin connector in Apple products beginning with the iPhone, is headed by Dorogusker before leaving Apple.

Dorogusker worked with an aim to create the thinner card reader for Square and thus, he moved away from stock components and creates proprietary hardware just like a new custom read head. Its custom head can read two bands of data from the magnetic stripes on credit cards that result into excellent swipe accuracy.

Now, Dorogusker and his colleagues are working to enhance the feel of swiping by adding the read head for a more satisfying credit card swiping experience. A custom chip is also developed by them that allow team to shrink the Reader’s size and enhance its performance.

Users shouldn’t find new reader in retail stores until next year; however, Square’s website delivers immediately for free of cost. Users can also download Square Register app from the App Store for free. Download from iTunes

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