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Although Apple TV is one of the popular devices of Apple, it is valuable to purchase its 3rd generation Apple TV.

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Apple TV

Apple TV Software Update 6.0 for its second- and third-generation Apple TV is rolled out by Apple. This latest release comes with some marvelous and eye-catchy features like support for iTunes Radio, access to the iTunes Music Store, AirPlay from iCloud, and many other improvements. Continues its trend, Apple updates a Software Update version number of 6.0 along with an OS Build of 7.0.1.

What’s New in Apple TV? Moving towards its features, we found this TV looks just like its predecessor that comes with the black enclosure. Available with a single-core A5 chip, it delivers remarkable experience of watching favorite movies and television shows. Its improved horsepower allows this device to support 1080p video output. Discussing the software side, users will find a new user interface with large, iOS-like buttons.

Furthermore, you can have a new Genius feature that recommends movies based on movies that you have already watched and Photo Stream images are pushed to your Apple TV devoid of any manual intervention. Users can also have remarkable Apple TV’s Settings screen that lets them to choose resolution of your video downloads, i.e. 1080p, 720p, or standard definition.

A broadband connection of at least 8 Mbps is required to download 1080p content. Moreover, if you have slower connection, it is recommended to download video with 720p or standard definition. The release of iTunes 10.6 also delivers Prefered Video Version option to users for choosing High Definition (1080p), High Definition (720p), and Standard Definition for download.

How to Set-up?


The traditional Apple route is taken while setting up Apple TV and it makes products more accessible to large consumer base. Setting up Apple TV means you are connecting it to your TV through cable and plugging device into a power outlet and connecting to the home network through Ethernet cord, or wirelessly with Apple TV’s built-in Wi-Fi, it’s all on you.


Once connecting process is done, you have to link the device with your iTunes account and start purchasing renting, and/or streaming iTunes content on your television. Having Apple TV, you will remove the discs requirement with other playback devices like Blu-ray players and so on.

Technical Specifications of Apple TV (3rd generation)

  • Processor: Apple A5 (Single core ARM Cortex-A9, dual core with one core closed)
  • Power Supply: Built-in 6-watt universal power supply
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, Micro-USB (reserved for service and diags.), HDMI, infrared receiver, optical audio
  • Current operating System: Apple TV Software 6.0 (based on iOS 7)
  • Audio: Optical audio (48 kHz fixed sample rate), HDMI

The Worst Side:
Apple TV doesn’t have TV tuner or iPlayer app in this 3rd generation device. Moreover, there are many users finding movie rental more expensive. One other con is its AirPlay is locked-down.

There is worst as well as best side of every device. However, it is up to shoppers what they are considering while purchase Apple TV. Go Here:

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