If you are looking to get done your PHP project exceptionally, you should hire a professional PHP developer from a reliable company.

However, there are lots of PHP developers in the market, who claim to be professional, but make sure that you hire an expert, who comprehends your needs.



Ask about His Experience:

The first most important question you should ask a developer is about his experience that whether he is experienced or not. The more experience the better capability to handle your project.

Ask him About His PHP & HTML Programming Knowledge:

You should also ask a PHP developer about his PHP & HTML programming knowledge as he has in-depth information about PHP and HTML programming, he will surely handle your project wonderfully.

Ask Him About his Previous Clients’ List:

To make sure about his work quality and success, you can ask him about his previous clients’ list to whom you can contact and as about developer’s expertise and dedication.

Ask Him What Unique Features He can Offer:

It is also important that what type of unique features he can offer to you because all the PHP developers are able to complete any PHP project, but what kind of special features he can offer.

Ask him About his Java & C Programming Information:

It is very important that your hired expert has hands-on on knowledge and information about Java and C programming so that you will not get any type of disappoint from his side.

Ask him about his communicating process with Clients:

Believe it or not, but it is also an important question that you can ask to your developer. You should ask him about his communicating process so that you will come to know how he is going to provide constant updates about your project.

Ask About his Final Touches:

The last, but not least you need to ask a PHP developer is about his final touches that whether he is testing your project at the end or not. Because final touches are playing very significant role in making your project successful.

These are some major questions that you need to ask your PHP developer while hiring him for your project as these questions can help you to hire an expert developer to understand your requirements.

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  1. Not only does this trivialize both the hiring process through elementary standards and the technical role of a programmer, but promotes a gender bias that a competent developer can only be male.

    Not so perceptive…

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