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Check out this post and collect some interesting free games and applications of July 2014 that popping up all over Microsoft's new Windows Store.


5 Free Windows Phone Apps  Games

Purchasing Windows Phone doesn’t mean you have everything in your device. One can have to add a list of top-rated applications for watching movie to sketching, gaming and doing lots more activities. The Windows Phone Store is blessed with different genres of applications, coming new apps in on a weekly basis. Let’s take a look to see which apps are at the top of the chart in July 2014.

Guardians Of The Skies

Guardians Of The SkiesGuardians of the Skies provide experience as an Indian Air Force Combat Pilot. This game will takes you one-training and ten combat missions. Playing this game will helps players to learn fly the SU 30 high performance jet and subsequently flies as a Mi 17 pilot. A full-fledged air war between Zaruzia and India will be seen in the eight subsequent missions and will features all operational mission profiles as flown by the IAF.

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iTubeiTube is one of the easiest ways to watch videos and listen to FREE music. It comes with some outstanding features like Automatic search completion, Sort videos by date and category, and More than 100 million FREE videos and so on.

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Fail Hard

Fail HardFail Hard is one of the best fun physics based stunt games. Playing this game will give you feeling of becoming the greatest stuntman in the world. While playing Fail Hard game, you have to gather coins to upgrade your equipment to enable the biggest and most entertaining feats ever attempted.

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Phone Cleaner (English)

Phone Cleaner (English)Is your Phone’s space getting lower and lower? Download this application and fill your phone storage quickly and free cache space. While accessing this application, your system will try to delete some temporary files and cache files and make space for new files.

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Hoarding Photo Frame

Hoarding Photo FrameHoarding Photo Frame allows you to set your picture in funniest ads with simple steps. You just have to choose photo from the gallery or take photos using the phone’s camera and set in different styles and different frames for any picture. This HD quality banner frames provides different effects on your photos like sepia, gray scale, rotate, Black & white, zoom and more!.

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So, these are some amazing applications and games that you must download in your Windows Phone to get exceptional experience. If you have more interesting applications in your mind, let’s share with us Click Here.

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