Recently, Blackberry company has updated its BlackBerry Beta Zone application with many features that allows you to discuss and join programs without any hassle.

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Blackberry 10s - Beta Zone

As we all know that BlackBerry Beta Zone is obtainable for Blackberry 10 smart-phones, which has been posted on BlackBerry World for everyone to download. This application enables users to air download BlackBerry 10 beta releases of application posted to the BlackBerry Beta Zone. This application’s feature also allows you to develop a BlackBerry Beta Zone account on the go that ties directly into your Blackberry ID.

Now, it seems that the company finally be tearing down the frustrating superfluous steps of using their amazing Beta Zone to test out pre-production releases. The company also unveiled a new update of their BlackBerry 10 app for the Beta Zone and it enables you to join obtainable programs and discuss the programs from your phone. However, an amazing BlackBerry Beta Zone application is now obtainable on version and offers below mentioned features:

Discussions – Now, you can easily keep-up with the conversation while you are on the road or anywhere. You can access and contribute to all your beta discussions boards from the application.

Programs – Now, it becomes easily possible for you to discover new as well as exciting beta programs to join and keep tracking of all your current programs.

Self-Updating Client – The application now update itself and you will be promoted to update whenever a new version is obtainable.

UI Improvements – Including a new tabbed layout.

Surveys – You are allowed to complete your Beta Zone surveys right from the application and it is not as easy as it sounds.

So, these are some of the new updates of this application that you can enjoy and make your work a lot easy and trouble-free. However, you can also get your own BlackBerry application according to your requirements as you just need to hire Blackberry application developer, who can develop any type of application.

You just need to explain your all the requirements to developer and he can easily proceed with your project, but it is essential that you hire a professional developer, who has special expertise in mobile apps development industry.

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