Statistic shows that over $100 Billion is spent on Gift Cards and 93% of U.S.

consumers purchase or receive a gift card each year.

Being "the gift most everyone buys for the holidays” (according to USA Today), gift cards is also known as one of the effective ways to increase online sales for retailers.

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Why use gift card for ecommerce?

Just spend few minutes to read this post about Gift Card marketing, you will know what you missed on all most holiday season, why you should use gift card on your site to boost sales as soon as possible.

Benefits of Gift Card for Magento Store

Let’s imagine that your customers visit your site to buy gift cards for their relatives and friends as the last minute gifts on Eastern, then their relatives and friends also visit your site to choose the item they like on value of gift card. But they don’t know what they should choose, they ask their friends, all of them re-visit your site.

Actually, gift card is the best reason for your customers to come back to your business again and again. It’s the key to improve customer loyalty and attract new customers, indeed, it’s the best way that helps to drive traffic to your site, increase sales and build brand awareness.

Gift Cart for Relativs

And the most important benefit of gift card is increasing user’s experience with extreme convenience for customers to send gifts on holiday. Here‘s why:


I dare to bet that many and many recipients get gifts they don’t use. Probably, girl friend or mother of your customers received a lipstick, a dress or an almond cake that make them allergic from your store.

What a pity! However, gift cards shouldn’t be among those, your customers, as well as the recipients can get what they like among thousands items of your store, when they want till expiry date

Cost saving

Your customers can buy gift card on discounts or promotion program on holiday season to extend the value of the card. Also, ship fee of gift cards are usually at a minimum.

Time saving

with Gift Card, you will be able to ship to your customers or directly to your customer’s recipients out within few hours. Even, you will also offer online gift cards or gift certificates that your customers can email to recipient at the last minute within one click!

Furthermore, to get such obvious advantages from gift card, you only can use a fraction the cost of an in-house program with no inventory overhead, no shipping cost, no advertising fee, …

In a nutshell, due to its flexibility, gift card gives the great last-minute and most convenient gift solution to your customers

Gift card on

“Gift Card has helped conversion rates. More people are able to comfortably find something to buy online, even when they’re not aware of particular tastes” Joel Gross, the owner of one Magento store –


How to setup gift card system for a Magento store?

Using Magento default gift card system

Magento allows users to enable gift card option with basic features. You may read this tutorial from


Using gift card extension for Magento

If you find too difficult to create gift card by coding, there are hundreds of extensions for you to add easy-to-use gift cards management features to your Magento store.

Here’s list of 5 Gift Card extensions sorted by popularity scores (PC) in Magento commerce (updated on 25th Feb 2014)


Open Commerce


After all, I strongly believe that you’re no doubt getting your online store ready for the up-coming holidays with the great option – gift card.

There are numerous and potential opportunities annually for you to boost sales with Gift Card like Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Birthday, Christmas and so on

Just because your customers certainly want to buy gift card and you can offer them easily

Happy business!

Author bio:

Daisy T. is Magestore’s Marketing Executive who loves to share her experience and knowledge about Magento, Magento gift card to more Magento store-owner and developers.

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