Google has announced the Google Cast SDK for all developers on 3rd February, 2014.

Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK) allows developers to create Chromecast support into Android and iOS applications, websites and Chrome apps.


Chromecast for Developers

The Google Cast Software Development Kit (SDK) is launched by Google that brings the tool out of the preview. Using this SDK, developers create Chromecast support into iOS and Android apps, Chrome apps as well as websites. Being a simple to integrate, Google Cast SDK doesn’t require writing a new app. Developers just need to integrate into your existing mobile and web apps to bring content to the TV. Developers are in control of developing and publishing cast-ready apps with the help of Google Cast developer console. One can find SDK on Android and iOS and Chrome as well through the Google Cast browser extension.

Receiver App Support
Developers can find different alternative for showing content on Chromecast. The default media player can be used for simple media applications that can play back HTML5 media content. Furthermore, developers can also personalize it by their own branding and style using CSS.

Talking about the non-media applications or more flexibility and design options, it enables developers to create their own custom receiver application by using standard web technologies. Developers can also create virtually any application through a custom receiver while can add support for many streaming protocols such as HLS, MPEG-DASH, and Microsoft Smooth Streaming that are obtainable in the Media Player Library.

Sample apps
Sample apps for Android, iOS and Chrome are created that provides an optimized user experience on the TV screen. Moreover, developers can also have Cast Companion library for creating integration of Google Cast much easier than before.

One can find all the devices updated to the latest software with support for the Google Cast SDK. One can also find the Google Cast extension for Chrome that supports the latest SDK. Developers will get the Google Cast SDK as part of the Google Play services 4.2 update that presently coming to Android devices.

Additionally, developers also find Google Cast SDK for iOS. For more information, visit

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