Common Issues of Android Users in Android Ecommerce Store Apps

commas-leftNow-a-days, the demand for quality e-commerce store apps for android platform is increasing constantly, as every android user wants to get quality e-commerce store app that allows them to purchase some best products from the comfort of their home, but users are some common issues while these apps.commas-right


We all know that the demand for e-commerce store apps is increasing constantly as every new and then person wants to purchase some of the best products from the comfort of their home, so e-commerce store app is a great option for them.

However, there are lots of e-commerce store applications that offer their own features to make their customers shopping experience wonderful.

With different e-commerce store applications, users can make their shopping a lot easier and get a memorable experience. However, various people are facing lots of issues while using Android e-commerce store applications for their purchasing of different products.

A complete range of e-commerce store applications are obtainable on the Google App store for all the android users, who are looking to purchase products and services without stepping out from their home. No matter what type of product you want to purchase, e-commerce store application allows you to buy your desired product without any hassle.

Without discussing more about e-commerce store applications, let’s have a look some widely used e-commerce store apps:



When it comes to Walmart mobile application, it needs access to your device’s “hardware controls for pictures and videos” in order to scan barcodes and QR codes. Moreover, this application needs some kind of knowledge of the accounts on the device to send notifications.

However, users are not getting any access to any passwords or personal information, and they can also turn off their notifications anytime in the more menu.

Today, Walmart is the most widely used application, but there are numerous people, who facing different issues while using this app.

“One issue if this app could have a feature to add items to your registry that would make me so happy”, according to one of the Walmart app users.”

“Terrible UI. Really, really clumsy. Menu system follows no convention used by anything I’ve seen. Will not reliably refill prescriptions. Fails near end of process with error. Hangs on login resulting is disabled online account access. Got into pharmacy and get trapped by app in one functional area. Only way out is to log out, leave app, and log back in. As I said, unadulterated piece of crap”.

So, Walmart app users are facing these common problems while this application for their shopping.



Amazon application is well-known for its range of features as this application enables users to browse and shop by Department like quickly search, share products with friends, compare prices, read reviews, access Gold Box deals and more.

The Amazon application comes with lots of helpful shopping features through which one can scan a barcode, type a search and snap a picture. However, you would find some users of this app, who are also facing some issue with the app. Give a glimpse:

“Last update sucks I use to give amazon 5 stars until the latest update. Will not allow you to track your orders, says it’s not available at this time. Have to contact the seller to get the tracking information. Plz fix asap”, said by Amazon app user.”

“Not a fan of recent updates… The more recent updates just show you a version of their website for tracking. It’s isn’t as informative or helpful. Please revert. -1 star from my previous glowing review.”

So, you can see above mentioned Amazon user reviews and can see that there are lots of people, who are regularly facing some kind of issues while this application. When using this app for purchasing any product and you face any problem, surely you will uninstall this application and feels sucks.

Therefore, it is better for e-commerce stores to hire a professional developer for android apps, who has hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge about developing best e-commerce store apps without any problem.

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