Now, you can make your cross-platform apps development project easy and hassle-free as Titanium is a great cross-platform framework that can be used to develop mobile apps that run on different mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and more.



Now, you can make cross-platform apps development easy and hassle-free with Appcelerator Titanium framework as it is one of the best cross-platform tool kits in the market that can be used to develop highly interactive and robust quality applications. This is one such cross-platform framework that is based on latest web technologies including CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript and many more.

Today, developers can easily use this framework for developing effective native applications for different smart-phones that easily support with iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone platform. Being an open source framework, Titanium is obtainable for free and widely used by people worldwide.

You would find lots of developers, who are using Titanium for easy coding so that it can run everywhere and help them in saving their huge time as well as efforts. The best part of this framework is it pre compiles the codes into a set of symbols that are resolved as per your use of Titanium APIs applications. Generally, Titanium framework is efficient in many ways as it compiles your application and using iPhone SDK for generating a native application.

Key Features of Appcelerator Titanium Framework:

Titanium SDK:

Appcelerator Titanium has a JavaScript-based SDK that helps developers in generating hybrid, native and mobile web applications for all mobile operating systems as well as devices from a single code base. In very short period of time, this framework has helped in offering wonderful user-experience using more than 5000 APIs. Today, there are more than 496,816 communities of Titanium developers that are constantly contributing to this open source SDK for improvement.

Titanium Studio:

Titanium Studio is a modern yet effective IDE, which facilitates in developing mobile applications instantly by easing the process. Developers can get huge help from Titanium Studio as it helps in managing all projects in a single view and also helps them in rapid development, packaging, testing and publishing mobile applications on different OS and devices.

So, these are some of the best and dynamic features of Titanium framework that can be enjoyed by developers while developing cross-platform apps development on Titanium framework. If you want to get an application that based on this framework, you should hire Titanium developer, who has special expertise in developing mobile apps. For More information Click Here

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