The search giant is rolling out with the Google+ custom URL has been announced by Google’s Vic Gundotra.

The new Google+ custom URL feature is developed by Google, the leading search engine, to deliver users of their social network with easy to memorize web addresses that link directly to your Google+ page or profile.


Google custom url

Having the new Google+ custom URLs helps you to promote your content with an ease. However, you have to meet with the following criteria.

  • Your account have profile photo
  • At least 10 followers
  • Your account is at least 30 days older


How to custom URLs in Google+ ?
Users just have to type in short URLs like “” or “” to reach at particular pages.

briannawills googleplus

We have seen a search-specific feature, Google+ Direct Connect that has announced by Google. It gives visibility for Google Plus pages as the pages will display when people type query in Google+ Search. For example, if people type “+brainnawills”, they will see the icon and her related stuff. If you want to make your page eligible, you have to install the Google+ badge on your website

Google Profiles
Now, your Google Profiles is easily redirecting your profile page to Google+ Profile and you can make a profile URL like brainnawills
The only drawback of this solution is you have to make new Google account to get your preferred Profile URL.

profile url

If you want to create your profile, then you have to click on “Edit your profile” and select one option from 2 choices of Profile URL, given by Google. Choose an appropriate option and save these settings. is an excellent service, shortening your G+ profile into easy-to-remember link. You just have to give Gplus your Google+ profile ID for generating an URL in format. Here is my custom URL:

google+ id

Lastly, the notice for this service is not connected to Google, so you may not own the ID guarantee and this is also not a 301 permanent redirect.

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