Appcelerator Titanium is one of the best open-source software development kits for developing cross-platform applications.

It is mostly preferred platforms by developers and business for many of its features.

Check it out what they are.


Tianium Should Be Preferred..

More than 60% of the world’s population is using smartphones and the count increases gradually. Through applications, smart devices help people to make their task simpler. Even, businesses are also looking for the mobile applications that make their business task easy. This is one of the main reasons of increase in demand of applications. In order to serve global clients, Titanium Development framework is launched by Appcelerator that compiles JavaScript based SDK and supports HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, and Ajax.

An integrated environment is offered by this platform that allows developers to code single app for diverse platforms. Moreover, versatile applications can be also coded by developers using this platform. It is advantageous for any company to use the Titanium framework for developing an appropriate application; however, it is not so easy to use this framework at the desired level.

For developing application, business has to choose expert team of developers, who have technical expertise in every aspect of major web technologies. While hiring company for Titanium Application development, businesses have to ensure to add some exceptional features. At Perception System, we are ensuring to add such features:

Multiple Platforms-Oriented Applications

We are striving to code every application to be supportable with all leading platforms like android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, etc. People prefer various smart devices of different platforms and thus, it is necessary to target various audiences by developing application that can work seamlessly on the entire major platforms seamlessly.

Native Features Support

The application will be more functional with more native features. Hence it is essential to create apps that have native functionality of smart device like notification, memory, camera, etc.

Excellent User-Experience

Every people prefer to have high-grade performance in application and thus, our developers are using Titanium application framework to code application that delivers better performance like interactive and superb user-experience, minimum loading time, and so on.

There are many other outstanding features that should be added to deliver remarkable titanium application to our clients. So, what are waiting for? Discuss your requirements with us and get remarkable development solution.

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