As we all know that from quite some time now,

Microsoft has been working on Hyperlapse,

and finally the company has launched it as a consumer product.

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Microsoft Hyperlapse Program

An American multinational technology company ‘Microsoft’ has been working on Hyperlapse for quite some time now. Today, the company finally launches it as a consumer product for the first time.

Hyperlapse provides a great way to develop an attractive, smooth and quick time lapse videos from any of your video clips with mobile applications for Windows Phone and Android as well as desktop Pro version.

Microsoft Hyperlapse

Currently, the Android version is in beta; however, it is obtainable for anyone with supported devices to sign-up and test. Long-established time lapse videos are shot with the help of a static camera; therefore, timid footage is not essentially a problem.

However, the company is looking forward to going beyond this, allowing smartphones and action cameras to get in on the act. The problem is that there is very unsteady footage that boosts itself when you speed it up.

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It is where Hyperlapse comes in as it is not only developing the timelapse, but it smoothes it out also. However, it has made some of the valiant claims that on the face of it at least are not baseless.

microsoft Hyperlapse Pro

When it comes to talking about the mobile version of Hyperlapse, it makes use of some of the beautiful and innovative thinking to get the desired effects:

“For the version of Microsoft Hyperlapse designed for mobile devices, Neel Joshi, a researcher in Microsoft Research’s Graphics group, tried something a little different. Rather than stitching together various pieces of frames, he created technology that looks for entire frames that have the most overlap with each other. Instead of just arbitrarily choosing every 10th frame, for example, the system might pick out the first, 12th, 18th and 29th frame.”

A lot of similarities are there in the purpose while no relation to Instagram’s currently iOS exclusive application of the same name. With Hyperlapse Pro, you can get the full chance to make use of much more than the footage from your smartphone.

Originally, the application was compatible with some of the Samsung devices, including the Nexus 5, 6 and 9, the Sony Xperia Z3 and the HTC One M8 and M9.

Just four days after, an update has been pushed out, providing support for the OnePlus One, Galaxy Note Edge, Droid Turbo and some of the other devices. The company also just sent out an update, providing support for five more Android devices in order to continue the trend of opportune updates.

To try this out, you can hit the link that mentioned below and sign up. You can sign up to beta test Microsoft Hyperlapse for Android here.

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