According to The Times of India reports, the Indian mobile manufacturer ‘Karbonn’ is going to launch a first-ever dual-boot smart-phone by June.

The upcoming dual-boot device will run on Windows Phone and Android, reports suggest.

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Windows Phone 8 and Android

Recently, The Times of India has reported that one of the well-known Indian phone manufactures Karbonn Mobiles is planning to introduce dual-OS smart-phones by June. The smart-phones are hoping to run on both Windows Phone as well as Android OSs.

Before, we heard about Intel’s plans for releasing dual-boot technology, but still it is not known that whether Karbonn is planning to make use of Intel’s technology or not. When it comes to the idea of dual-booting, Android and Windows is one such project that seems to be gaining lots of popularity in the market.

Freshly, the company has signed the licensing agreement with Microsoft in order to develop Windows-based smart-phones that will be then placed alongside with Google’s Android operating system.

Sudhir Hasija, a Chairman of Karbonn Mobiles Company, said “Microsoft has eased the regulations and is opening up its platform for other players. We signed the agreement two days ago and will launch a range of Windows phones in about three months”.

Hasija also said that the handset will also target “techies” and office professionals. However, both the companies have not decided about the price of the dual-booting device. Probably, there will be some other handsets also from different manufacturers that are going to the dual-boot route.

Well, we can say that it is extremely beneficial arrangement for Microsoft as Windows Phone users are going to have access to the huge range of popular Android applications. Currently, the information about the first dual-boot device is still not revealed like about its hardware, price and regional availability of such a dual-boot Android device. We can also say that it will be interesting to see who new trend develops in the coming years.

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