Apple’s iOS 7 faces many problem while any users updating it. We have listed 7 problems in previous post and will continue with other problems and its solution in this post.

Find your problems and its solution to make your update error-free.



Continuing with 2nd part, here we are going to discuss some more problems and its solution related to iOS 7 that helps users to access their device smother.

Problem 1: Apps keeps logging user out
Many users have found that apps like Mailbox and Snapchat are logging them out. There are many Apple developers working to fix and seem to be in agreement that the way iOS 7’s background refresh works is the difficulty.

In case, you are searching any problem, then Settings >> General >> Background App Refresh and turn it off for any apps.
To tackle this problem, you have to wait for update until developer or Apple find a permanent fix.
Problem 2: Difficulty in FaceTime and/or iMessage
Some users also find problem in FaceTime and/or iMessage after updating iOS 7 in their device. A number of users were not able to send messages while some found that iMessage wouldn’t activate in their device. Other than this, FaceTime was also working properly.


  • Go to Settings options, now Turn FaceTime and/or iMessage off and on again through the toggles
  • Check-out his special expertise like what special expertise and qualities
  • Turn off the Cellular Data available in Settings option. Ensure to have Wi-Fi on. Now, Go to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Reset Network Settings.
  • After that, you have to set up your connection again, but you will also find that your FaceTime and iMessage are not working. If it is not working, then back up your iPhone and restore again.
  • At last, you can also ask him what special features he can offer you because common appsiMessage issues in the iOS 7.0.3 update is addressed by Apple in October while the FaceTime issues in the 7.0.4 update addressed in November.

Problem 3: Motion sickness


Motion sickness issues have been also reported by many people with the new iOS 7 platforms. The bright icons, parallax effect and all the zooming transitions may cause nausea or dizziness in your device. Here, are some things that you must try to minimize problem. However, you aren’t able to fix all things as your device has the animations on.


  • Go to Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Reduce Motion.
  • Use static wallpaper through Settings >> Wallpapers & Brightness and then select from Stills or you can also use your own pictures.
  • Choose larger text through Settings >> General >> Text Size.
  • Lastly, Reduce the transparency by going through Settings >> General >> Accessibility >> Increase Contrast.

Problem 4: Many Unread emails


After updating to iOS 7, there are many users found hundreds or even thousands of unread emails. Such type of problem also seen faced by Gmail users, but with other email accounts.


  • To solve this problem, you have to go to email account on your computer and select all the email and choose Mark as Read.
  • Now, you have to get back to your iPhone and see the reduce number of messages in your inbox.
  • In order to delete fast, you can choose Mark as Unread and then choose select all again and click Mark as Read.
  • It is also best to select Edit >> Mark All >> Mark as Read on your iPhone, however, for it to work, you have to download all your emails to the iPhone first that may take more time.

Problem 5: Freezing
After updating their device, some people find random freezing on their iPhone. However, it doesn’t appear to be restricted to a particular model.


  • The only solution is you have to hold the Sleep/Wake button and the Home Button until you find Apple logo on your screen
  • If possible, back you your stud and restore again.

Problem 6: Crazy Bypass in the lock screen
Are you worrying about the security risk posed by the revelation that other people can avoid your lock screen and catch your iOS device’s stuff, then there is a way to close the escape.

  • Go to Settings >> Control Center and toggle Access on Lock Screen to off.


Users can find update that released by Apple to deal with this bug. Go to Settings >> General >> Software Update.

Problem 7: iPhone won’t start
Many people are faced problem that iPhone won’t start after updating iOS 7. Moreover, Plugging in the charger doesn’t provide any effect or there will be no recognition at the time of plugging into a computer and trying to connect to Apple Store. You will find more than one problem; here however, we have some solution that might work.


  • Ensure you have Apple cable. Apple is working to chunk third-party chargers and cables by adding an authenticator chip in its official cables. It’s not compulsory, but just to remove problem and trying to use different cable and power outlet.
  • Hold your Sleep/Wake button and the Home button together for about 10 seconds.
  • If you have official cable, then plug your iPhone in and charge your device for about hours before trying the Sleep/Wake and Home button again.
  • Go for DFU mode
  • Go for a factory reset
  • If your problem is not solved with these steps, then call Apple or take your device into an Apple Store.

The count of problem is not ended here. We have found some more, so continue reading Part 3…


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