On the web, you can find a lot of free puppy games that you can download in your tablet and entertain your dogs in your free time.

Here, I have listed some of the best tablet game apps that come with a lot of features.

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Tablet Games for Dogs

Pet animals are essential parts of human’s life. We are treating them as a friend and family member while they are treating us same as so. Pets, especially dogs teach us how to become loyal and responsible. They also help us to forget our stress.

Now it’s our turn to become friendly with them and spare huge time with them to thank them. Today, you can find a lot of tablet games for dogs that allow you to entertain them in your free time. Let’s give an instant glimpse on interested android games for your lovely dogs.

My Dog My Room Free

My Dog My Room

My Dog My Room is one of the best tablet games for dogs that allow you to take picture of the park, the living room, and the bedroom and put your favorite cute puppy in your own room!!

Using this application, you can simply choose all picture rooms and provide hints to see puppies in “Friends.” One of the best thing about this remarkable android application is it allows you to play with your puppy anytime in your room. Click Here To Download

My Virtual Pet – Pets Game

My Virtual Pet

Do you want to play interesting games with your little puppy? My Virtual Pet – Pets Game android application allows you to teach you pet, numerous tricks and play exciting mini games with your lovely pet.

There are lots of Games apps for dogs, but this remarkable application comes with list of educational mini games that helps your children’s reasoning, reflexes, counting, memory, coordination, motor skills, etc. Click Here To Download

Lovely Pets

Lovely Pets

Birdland and Fish Adventure create a lovely android application for pets, i.e. Lovely Pets that teaches you how to take care of your kitties, cute puppies, rabbits and pandas.

It also gives you an idea about decorating rooms and design garden in the most excellent ways. Click Here To Download

Pet Shop Story

Pet Shop Story

Do you want to create a unique Pet Shop? Pet Shop Story is one of the great android applications for pets that create a fun place for all your favorite lovable pets.

This app also allows you to share everything with your friends. You can also able to mix and match your pets to create designer breeds. Some of the examples of designer breeds are:

  • Bengal + Short Hair = Toyger!
  • Pug + Chihuahua = Chug!
  • Labrador + Poodle = Labradoodle!

Click Here To Download

Pet Spa & Salon – kids games

Pet Spa & Salon

Pet Spa & Salon is one of my favorite free puppy games applications-cum-spa that allows making-up for pets.

If you have pet and love to making up it, please bring here. We will make him the most beautiful pet of the world. Click Here To Download

If you love your dog a lot and want to develop your own android games for your pet, then adopt android tablet games development from Perception System and create application of your choice.

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