Recently, Fhotoroom and Pandora applications got new update so that users can enjoy some more and new features that they are looking for.

Both applications are completely best in terms of features, functionalities and performance.

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Fhotoroom and Pandora Apps

The two most popular applications for Windows Phone 8 Fhotoroom and Pandora got new updates to give users a dynamic experience. These applications are completely great that are updated to make them powerful and convenient to use. However, the updates of these applications are not minor in any way as both applications got new features to each of the apps gives something new to enjoy.

When it comes to talk about the particular Fhotoroom, it gives wonderful experience on the tablet bringing touch, keyboard, stylus and mouse together, enabling users easily edit and clean UI which anyone can feel comfortable with. By using this application on the phone, it brings together editing, sharing and capturing your photos into a single clean simple application.

Now, you can easily make your photos stunningly with more than 80 adjustable filters like Vogue, Tilt Shift, Colors, Tsar and more standard looks such rotate and crop. By completing their editing and all, they can share them out on social networking sites like Facbook and Twitter.

Being a pro camera, photo sharing network and Fhotoroom excellent mobile photo editor, Fhotoroom is one such application that mainly focusing on achieving the absolutely best results, which your camera can produce by using core camera technologies such EV, custom, ISO and more. In the new update of this application, it features a new logo and a new streamlined interface for easy access to messages, feed and community. In this application, there is one new camera tile, new #FhotoChallenges category and new Pin to start feature.

When it comes to talk about the Pandora application, it also received an update of lock screen support and integration. It featuring an ability to listen to recommended stations and better sharing features. However, if you are old user of this application, you just have to simply log-in and start developing new stations along with old stations that you have on your phone.

We all know that Pandora is a free and personalized radio application that allows you to play music and comedy that you will surely love in your free time. You can easily start with it just by the name of your favorite artists, songs, comedians and composers and Pandora is one such app that creates custom station to play similar tracks.

One can create up to 100 stations and easily switch between favorites as per their requirements. Ranging from Dubstep to Smooth Jazz to Power Workout, this application comes with plenty of features to offer its users. So, users of these applications can benefit of the updates and enjoy a lot than before.

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