The most two awaited applications Waze and Instagram finally arrived on Windows Phone 8 platform, so users of WP 8 can download both these applications and get maximum number of features.

If you want to get more information about both the applications, continue reading this blog.


Instagram and Waze On Windows Phone 8

Everyone’s eyes are on Instagram and Waze applications that finally landed on Windows Phone 8 platform. Not one, but two blockbuster applications are launched for Windows Phone 8 users so that they got something new enjoy.

The company handed a dose of excellent apps that are full-of fun and features. When it comes to talk about the two applications – Waze, a Google’s new acquired crowdsourced navigation application and another one is Instagram, a must have photo-sharing application that boosts more than 150 million registered users.

Both the applications are easily downloadable on all Nokia Lumia devices in the UK from Thursday. Both the applications are extremely powerful in terms of features, functionalities and performance.

On the launch of applications, Michael Stroh, a Microsoft spokesperson in a Windows Phone Blog post, said “The arrival of Instagram, which has more than 150 million users around the world, brings one of the world’s most popular social photo apps to what many critics have called the world’s best smartphone cameras”.

Instagram is one of the most popular social-enabled and photo sharing applications, which enables users to apply, filters and quickly share it on your social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook. Its excellent blend of mobile photography with social sharing has attracted millions of worldwide that snapped to the startup in 2012 with a $1 billion bid.

However, the final tally turned out to be considerably less after Facebook shares that resulting in a $730 million price tag for the transaction when all was said and done. A must-awaited application ‘Instagram’ for Windows Phone 8 is compatible with OS’s self-updating Live Tiles that are live on the Start screen, explained by Michael Stroh. It is also providing support for app resume, a great feature that awards quick access to inactive applications.

Another wonderful application Waze – that allows users to be able to avoid congested traffic. Using this application, users can get live routing based on community generated, real-time traffic and road info. When it confirmed from developers, it comes to know that it support community-contributed road alerts comprising hazards, road closures, accidents, police traps and more.

Further, this application also provides some additional features including automatic re-routing as conditions on the road change, WP 8 users can get a live tile experience from their begin location to their final place.

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So, Windows Phone 8 users can enjoy both the applications and get utmost from both the applications. If you are Windows Phone 8 users and looking to get your own app that has your desired features, you can hire an expert Windows Phone 8 developer.

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