Recently, it comes to know that Flappy Birds, the most interesting mobile game, will soon launch for Windows Phone platform, so all the users, who love to play this game, can make their hands ready for this game.


FlappyBird On Windows Phone

Flappy Bird, the most popular and interesting screen-tap game for mobile devices, has now appeared on the Windows Phone website. However, the news is coming that despite the game’s developer saying that he has now built a version of Microsoft’s mobile platform.

Well, the original version of this game were developed by Vietnam-based creator Dong Nguyen, and the current one that comes to Windows Phone seems to have a publisher by the name of IG mobile. The leading developer of Flappy Bird ‘Dong Nguyen, has said that the game will come on Windows Phone devices very soon.

When it comes to his Twitter posnt, he replied to one of his fans “I could estimate 10 days from now. It has to be approved by Microsoft.” According to the post, it has been confirmed that the game may come on the Windows Phone platform very soon.

On iOS and Android, the all new retro arcade-style side-scroller has made rage, but now a bare-bones Flappy Bird has also got lots wondering like what all the hype is about and more. The idea and the concept of this game is very simple as players only need to navigate the bird through a series of gaps between vertical pipe-shaped obstructions, rising up and down by beating the screen to flap the bird’s wings.

The game is highly popular in the market, and it is said to be linked to its difficulty, with players confronted to set a high-score on a global leader-board. In this game, there are no lives as well as in-app purchases; players of this game can get a single point for single pair of pipes as they can fly through.

Remarkably, this game’s android version that has been released on 30th January on the Google Play store, is not performing as well as it is expected. It is a way down on the free game list and you should forget the free application list. Recently, Flappy Birds has been listed among the top apps on the US Google Play store.

Flappy Birds is one such game that only took two to three days to create, and it is now ranking nearly $50,000 a day in advertising revenue, Mr Nguyen said in an interview.

Players of this game are sharing strong and humorous reviews through Twitter and other popular social media platforms.

The popularity of the game grows further when one YouTube channel with more than 22 million subscribers reviewed the game. So, all the Windows Phone users get ready to download Flappy Birds, an interesting game, that soon launch on the Windows Phone apps store.

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