A highly elegant FloweretShop Magento theme that launched by Perception System is the best option for your online flower shop as it allows you to give an incredible look.

Check-out this blog and get a complete list of the features of this theme.

FloweretShop Magento Theme

Recently, Perception System has launched an advanced quality and responsive FloweretShop Magento theme that allows online flower shops to give their store a new yet compelling look so that they can get lots of new visitors on their e-store.

It is a fully responsive Magento theme, which designed excellently for different types of online flower shops. No matter whether you have a big online flower shop or small, FloweretShop is the best responsive Magento theme that can help you to give your store a desired look that you are looking for.

Stuffed with some amazing and remarkable features, this theme can give your store a stunning effect. In this highly competitive world, all the online businesses are looking to make their store simple yet clean, so FloweretShop is one such theme that assures them to give their store a look that is not possible with other themes.

The best thing about this theme is that it provides jQuery effects, so you can make your online flower shop a perfect destination for people to purchase beautiful flowers online from the comfort of their home. Moreover, this theme also provides its users a complete package of obligatory functionality along with a plain look.

Let’s have a look on the features of the FloweretShop Magento Theme:

  • Simple And Clean Design
  • Beautiful Side-Bar Flaps for Cart
  • AJAX based Add-to-Cart, Add-to-Compare-list and Add-to-Wish-list
  • AJAX based Catalog Layered Navigation
  • Lightweight, Modern and Very Fast-loading Design
  • Product Cloud Zoom along with slider
  • Template support for jQuery Effects
  • Wish-list and Compare List
  • Stunning Side-Bar Flaps for Cart, Wish-list and Compare List
  • Product Quick View
  • Cross-browser support feature with Magento V1.8.x and V1.9.x

So, these are some of the major features of the theme; however, there are various other features as well that are not mentioned here. Downloading FloweretShop Magento theme is one of the best options for you as you can give an astonishing look to your store. To download this theme, you can click here.

Moreover, you can also get your own Magento theme that has the desired features, but you only need to hire a professional Magento developer, who has years of experience in developing themes for Magento platform.

Download This Theme Here : http://www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/floweret-shop-100-responsive.html

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