The most popular game ‘An Age of Empires’ headed to iOS, Android and Windows Phone platform as this new game allows players to get thrilling and actionable experience that they are looking for.

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Age of Empires is the most popular and widely played video game that makes its way towards Windows Phone, iOS and Android platform so that smart-phone users can also play this game and get an unbelievable gaming experience.

It is one such game that enables players to jump directly into controlling their very own empire during different stages of history and finally, it coming into mobile devices. All the fans of Age of Empires are extremely excited to learn of a new game coming to Windows Phone.

The company (Microsoft) and kLab have declared Age of Empires – World Domination for mobile coming this summer. As per the sources, Age of Empires: World Domination will come with all new features like battle system that has been redesigned for mobile devices.

Give a look toward playing as the Celts, Huns and Franks in this free of cost obtainable game. Published by Microsoft Studios, it is a collection of real-time strategy game; however, the first game of this series was launched in 1997 and was well received by most critics.

We can say that the summer is about to get a lot better now as this high-end and feature rich gaming coming to Windows Phone, enabling them to have huge fun while playing this game. Obviously, the art style of this game is different to the practicality of previous Age of Empires titles. In style, characters look more animated, but it is expected to be a new design particularly for mobile devices.

Still, the release date of the game is unaware, but as per the sources, it will be obtainable during summer 2014. In the interim, this game is going to launch on all three major platforms. However, the cost of this game is not declared, so once we do know, we will surely keep you update about it. To get more information on Windows Phone app development or to get assistant from professionals, you can click here.

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