Oh...You are evaluating difference between the number of Windows Phone applications and iOS & Android application.

Some evaluations show that Windows Phone has 1/3 apps than iOS and Android. Is it so?

Let’s find it by reading this post.


Gap in Application Release Kills Windows Phone

As many applications as application store has the selling of phone increases. Compare to iOS and Android in app availability, Windows Phone has long lagged behind. Is they are closing the gap or Windows Phone is being hurt by the app gap?

If we are looking at the number of application at App Store, we find that Windows Phone lacks behind to its competitors. According to some sources, about 1.2 million apps are available for iOS and 1.3 million for Android.

Moreover, if we are considering Windows Phone apps, we combine find 400,000 apps in the two stores. It seems to be miserable. However, one can make the argument that the total numbers are meaningless as for downloader the availability of application plays an important role.

This also results in to the decreasing demand for Windows Phones. About a year ago, it is surveyed by Canalys that Windows Phone store has only about 1/3 of applications than that of Android and iOS store have.

Since then, things don’t seem to have gotten much better. An analysis also done by WP Central last month regarding apps available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and result weren’t good for Windows Phone.

Moreover, some analysis also reveals that none of the 13 most popular free games available for iOS were Windows Phone has. Apart, among 12 popular free applications of iOS, only six is available for Windows Phone. FIFA Official App, WatchESPN, Snapchat, YouTube, and Google Maps are some apps that are missing for Windows Phone users.

Some of the hot favorite apps for Windows Phone users, including Gmail, Lyft, Sidecar, Google Hangouts, etc. are missing, note by Matt Weinberger, writing for CITEWorld. With this, we always come to conclusion that Windows Phones remain a failure in the mobile app market.

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