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Geocaching Pro Windows Phone Application

As we all know that Geocaching is an extremely well-known outdoor activity, where a GPS is used to hide and seek containers or geocaches, which frequently contain small baubles and log into doc the fin.

When it comes to talking about the Geocaching Pro, it is a Windows Phone application that is mainly a mobile client for three well-known geocaching websites. The application is designed to help users with their treasure hunting adventures.

Geocaching Pro App For Windows Phone

Moreover, this application is this week’s myAppFree deal of the week. Normally, this high-end application runs $2.99, but users of this application can take this application for free for the next twenty-four hours.

If you have decided to join this hunt, you only need to have a GPS-enabled device and a free membership at any well-known geocaching websites –, and

The Windows Phone’s application Geocaching Pro is known for tapping into three different sites so that it can provide a complete range of features to your Windows Phone, including:

  • Displaying Caches on a Live Map
  • Look into caches details, logbooks, photos and descriptions.
  • For offline use, you can save multiple caches to your Windows Phone
  • Log caches.
  • For removing discovered caches, you can do filter
  • Cache information translation
  • Support for, .pl, .us and .nl formats.
  • Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, detailed Europe, Finland and Norway maps.
  • Shows cache Waypoints
  • On the live map while offline, shows locally stored caches.
  • Make Search of cache by name and code
  • Disabled and archived caches Indication
  • Cache Info Update
  • Shows Cache Waypoints

Apart from this, users will also get an ability to pin caches to their Start Screen and search for caches. Fully destroyed, a Geocaching Pro application comes across as a feature rich Windows Phone application that helps users to find their way to the next geocache.

Geocaching Pro Application For the Windows Phone

Presently, this high-end application rated at 4 stars in the Windows Phone Store, and if you are a dealer for picking up Geocaching Pro with the myAppFree deal, so now you can get a chance to save some of the money.

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