It has always been said that the stock Android, or the pure Android which Google releases, works the best on handsets and tablets.

The companies, nevertheless, keep on using the modded, tweaked versions on their devices.

SamsungTouchWiz, HTC Sense comes to mind.


Google Play

While these versions might be popular with people loyal to those respective brands, often there are people who search for the stock or pure Android version. Recently, at least Samsung and HTC decided not to ignore these demands and come up “Google Play Edition” of their popular handsets, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. The results, well, that is what we are going to discuss in this article.

” Google will send updates for these devices faster than the same devices with tweaked Android. “

Firstly, let us remove the confusion. These devices are not Nexus devices. Nexus devices are something else, it is a brand name registered to Google and only phone created by Google can have this name. These phones, on the contrary, are pure Android versions of other popular proprietary handset. There is one thing which might be encouraging. Google will send updates for these devices faster than the same devices with tweaked Android.

As, there are nothing but pure Android here, the phones are faster. Without taking anything away from the handset manufacturers, they have this tendency to install bloatware on the devices which often make the phones slowly. As in pure Android, these are no such pre-loaded developed Android app, these phones respond a lot faster. That is a pleasant change to experience.

On the downside, if you are too addicted or comfortable in using the features which Samsung or HTC presents through their own versions, such as Air Gesture or multi window of Samsung or Zoë’s and video highlights of HTC, you might miss those in these phones. It is the sacrifice you must make to have pure Google interface and added speed.

video highlights of HTCThe speed or the performance of the phones increased like I just mentioned. The lag, which often is encountered in many Samsung devices, is completely gone. Can we safely say, it is not the hardware but the software of Samsung which caused the delay? Yes, probably we can.

The camera performance is another aspect which can be considered. There is a long list of change here. Take for example, HTC One. The hardware, the lenses and the sensors, play an important role in deciding the image quality but that’s not all. There is a strong role which is played by software as well. In return, you gain the photosphere feature which is available in Android Jelly Bean. The various shooting modes and options change or get replaced. The changes might be considered positive or negative depending on the bias but they are certainly different for sure.

cameraThere can be a fear that the excellent features the original phones offered might go missing or messy in the Google Play edition. But, contrary to the fear, our experiment with Beats Audio in HTC One proved there is no difference between the original one and the Google Play edition. The Google Play edition, not only supported the Beats Audio feature but it has a nice feature which allows you to turn on or off this feature. The headset and the front speakers performed equally well in both versions of HTC One.

There are IR blasters, which are available for both these devices in their original editions but in the Google Play editions, these things aren’t supported well. The solutions are not too difficult. You can easily install any third party app to control this feature. There is another difference, which might be of interest for USA clients. HTC One cannot run Google Wallet in the Google Play edition. This is due to the lack of a certain hardware which keeps the security layer intact. Samsung Galaxy S4, however, can run Google Wallet.

galaxy-s4-htc-one-google-play-editions-buttonsTalking of the hardware, there are hardly any differences there. They both have the very same hardware.

The buttons, however, need a change. Android is created to have on screen touch buttons. Both HTC and Samsung are still sticking to their hardware buttons, which is often a waste of space.

“HTC One Google play version can cost you up to $600 while Samsung Galaxy S4 goes a notch higher and costs you $650.”

These backdated features get amplified in the Google Play edition as they look horribly out of the place. Coming to the pricing feature, these phones cost slightly higher than the original versions. HTC One Google play version can cost you up to $600 while Samsung Galaxy S4 goes a notch higher and costs you $650. If you are a fan of these phones as well as Google Android, the prices shouldn’t pinch you too hard.

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