Revealing of Google and Apple products/services make clear that Google, in its battle with Apple and try to defeat it.

This is true as Google is giving tough competition with its products/services.

In this post, we have compared some products/services of both providers and find Google takes giant leap and secure its first place.


Google Vs Apple

If there’s one thing we technology nerds like to do is comparing two giants, i.e. Google and Apple. In the last few weeks, the biggest smartphone makers and other products providers in the world, Google and Apple have been making bold moves to enhance the quality of their respective services.

Recently, we have seen Google unveiling and improving its products that makes clear that Google in its battle with Apple. On other side, Apple is cleverly operating on wrongdoing and protect at the same time. Meanwhile, we have to check that either Apple is a genius or killing itself by fighting with Google. Let’s See:

Voice Assistant: Google Now Vs Apple Siri:

Apple Siri vs Google Now

Siri is growing up, but not as the same speed of Google Now. Siri is a great voice assistant for setting reminders, answering questions, hands-freecalling, searching nearby restaurants, getting sports scores, etc. on commands. There is no doubt it is an active personal assistant, but not as better as Google Now.

Google Now is a wonderful voice assistance for gathering information like showing transit information when you step on a subway platform. It works remarkable when you are using it with Google apps and other services.

Map: Google Map Vs Apple Map

Google Map Vs Apple Map

Google Maps and Apple Maps both offer excellent turn-by-turn navigation; however, if we are comparing both, we find Google Maps is better than Apple. Google Maps close in the accuracy stakes, providing more accurate data and public transportation directions. Both the maps won’t cost you a penny, but when it comes to the crunch, Google Wins by providing faster and nicer information.

Online Storage: Google Drive Vs iCloud

Google Drive Vs iCloud

Google Drive is an amazing free service, comes with 15 GB of online storage space for Google Drive, email and Google+ Photos while Apple’s iCloud only has 5 GB of “free” storage for Mail, Documents and any backing up user will do. Google Drive serves platforms like Windows, Mac, iOS, Android while iCloud is not compatible with Android.

Email: Gmail Vs. iCloud Email

Gmail Vs. iCloud Email

Google has better email service than Apple’s iCloud Email. No doubt iCloud email is better configured on all Apple devices automatically, but Google’s Gmail application delivers remarkable mailing service for iPhone/iPad. Looking to an overall experience, we find Gmail better than Apple’s regular mail app.

Smartphone & tablets : Android Vs iOS


Who is winning the mobile platform wars, iOS or Android? If we are comparing both the giants, we come to know that more number of people is using Android operating system for smartphones rather than Apple’s iOS. About 80% of smartphones are powered by Android and 13% of all smartphones are powered by iOS, according to IDC. Moreover, 62% of tablets run Android and 33% run iOS, as per IDC.

Final Verdict – Google is The Ultimate Winner

Although Google and Apple are extremely competitive in out-of-the-box experiences, we find Google is on the top of chart. Google has a collection of products, including Google Chrome, Blog Search, Translate, web search and so on. It’s one area where Google definitely has the rigid Apple beat. Apple is not lacking behind, it also has some unique products and services like Apple TV, iWork, Aperture, FaceTime for Mac and so on that makes it more demandable.

I am pretty sure that you have lots of things in your mind that make Google on the Top and apple superior in the market. would like to hear from you, share your thought through comment section.

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