How to Generate More Sales For Your eCommerce Store

Are you struggling to generate sales for your ecommerce store? A few tips listed below will help you to take your sales up a notch.

It isn’t hidden that e-commerce is a technology-driven industry. It thrives on the convenience it offers to sellers and buyers alike. However, this technology isn’t limited to help online retailers build their ecommerce stores; it extends beyond it, and can be put to generate more sales.

If you are struggling to generate sales for your online store, following technology-driven methods would help you to drive more sales from it.

Tips to drive more sales for an ecommerce store

List your products on Google Shopping

If you are already investing in SEO to rank for your products on Google and other search engines, you can boost your chances for sales by listing your products on Google Shopping.  It’s a paid service. However, you only pay when a shopper clicks through or sees your local inventory.

The other benefit is Google Shopping campaigns appear on Google image search, Web, YouTube, and more that automatically increases your chances of selling more.  Here’s a snapshot of a Google Shopping campaign for the keyword ‘Sneakers’.

list your products on google shopping

Use marketing automation

If you are running an online store for some time, the chances are you have come across the word marketing automation while looking for ways to market your store.  If you haven’t, here’s what it means- use of a tool to automate repetitive tasks with the intention to be effective at marketing.

Don’t get confused by the definitions online. Most tools define ‘email automation’ as ‘marketing automation’ which is far from the truth.  True, email marketing forms a part of marketing automation but doesn’t define it completely.

You would be surprised if I tell you that ‘SMS marketing’ forms a significant part of marketing automation. Mobile and web push notifications, retargeting also form a major part of marketing automation.

How to use marketing automation to generate more sales

Marketing automation tools are primarily used to convert visitors into paying customer and focus on retaining them. Here are a few ways these tools do that:

Promotional emails

discount and sales are classic ‘sales generating’ methods. According to this article on Kissmetrics, Valve, a company that develops and sells games, increased its revenue by 584% by simply giving its visitors discounts.

Most marketing automation tools offer email marketing that you can use to send promotional emails to your customers.

The other good thing about most marketing tools is that you can segment your customers and see who purchased your products. This data can be further used to target these customers with personalized emails (for upselling and cross-selling).

Cross selling

Cross-selling is a method to sell a different product to an existing customer. However, for an online store this method can be used to sell first time visitors too. See cross-selling in the picture below. If Amazon is doing it, it hardly needs proofing!


Cross selling is a prove tactic to increase average order value that naturally generates more sales for an ecommerce store. You can use emails to cross sell to your existing customers or use a product recommendation tool. Most marketing automation tools offer both the options.

Cart recovery emails

Cart abandonment has been a consistent problem that limits e-commerce stores from generating enough revenue. There are numerous reasons that can lead to cart abandonment.  A point worth noting here is it’s not purely intentional. That means with a little out-of-the box communication with these visitors can be converted into paying customers.  Cart recovery emails can help you to recover these lost sales. Below is an example of a cart recovery email.

Most marketing automation tools and email marketing tools, offer the convenience to set up cart recovery emails on online stores.


Push notifications (mobile)

Mobile has a significant penetration in the retail industry. According to this data report by Statista, the number of mobile shoppers in the United States has increased from 122 million to 198 million, over the last 6 years. If you aren’t taking this into consideration you might be leaving mobile on the table. Push notifications are easy way to convert your customers shopping on mobile. They work in the same fashion as promotional emails. The only difference is they specifically target mobile shoppers.

Again, you can find push notifications as a handy tool in most marketing automation tools.

In addition to these marketing automation tools driven ways, you can use simpler ways like blogging and affiliate marketing to generate more sales for an online store.

There you have it! A few ways with which online store owners can drive sales. If you have other ways do share it with us in the comments below.

Rohan is a Digital Marketer @Pixpa. When he’s not researching for ways to increase revenue for online stores, he’s found watching fitness videos on YouTube. He prefers protein shake over coffee any day.

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