Recently, AT&T has declared it is also carrying a HTC One M8 Windows version device, so interested people can purchase this device.

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The all new HTC One M8 has caught the attention of various people worldwide as it is one of the well-received android smartphone of the year, so Microsoft approached the company to make this device as a new Windows Phone especially the M8 edition.

Still, most of the people are waiting for the company to declare this news; suddenly, AT&T has declared that it will be carrying the phone at same point. However, HTC also officially declared that its One M8 has got a twin brother that is complete with Microsoft’s OS.

Same as earlier, the all new Windows Phone M8 comes with smooth aluminum shell, same rounded corners and 5-inch, 1080p display that make this device a perfect option for people to purchase. When it comes to the hardware of this device, it is completely best as it is fully identical to that of the android version, which was already launched last year.

Jeff Gordon, an online communications manager at HTC, said “The M8, as our flagship, has been doing fantastic.” He added, “Microsoft came to us a while back and, loving what we did with the HTC One M8 for Android so much, they wanted to do something similar, but running Windows Phone software.”

With the exact same hardware as the Android M8, the people are extremely happy, who are looking to try their hands on HTC One M8’s Windows version. For the launch, the phone is exclusive to Verizon before, but now AT&T has also declared the availability of this device without declaring the price of it.

Moreover, the company also not declared any releasing date of the device, but it only does offers a simple sigh-up page, where all the people can drop their email address in order to get notified for the future information of it.

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