The HTC One M9 is a quite tricky phone as it is well-designed and powerful in terms of features and functionalities.

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HTC ONE M9 Android SmartPhone

Being an Android smartphone, the HTC One M9 has caught the attention of lots of people as it is the third-generation One that was unveiled in a Press Conference at Mobile World Congress on March 1, 2015. However, the device will be released worldwide on April 10, 2015. This all-new device is the successor to the earlier year’s One (M8).

The new HTC One M9, the latest flagship smart-phone from the Taiwanese manufacturer, is especially designed to show your style with its astonishingly elegant design. The device’s dual-tone all metal body features mirrored edges, which are ergonomically tapered to easy fit your grip. To attain the streamlined look, the unibody of the device has been curved, and it will give an incredible experience while using.

However, the physical attributes of the device are not a departure from the earlier model. The short take of the device that you have got a milled aluminum body – a metal phone – with attractive curves and continued attention to detail. When it comes to talking about the design of the device, it is similar to its predecessor, except it is little narrower and thicker.

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The device features an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 system-on-chip with 3GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage and a 5-inch 1080p display. However, the UltraPixel image sensor was moved to the front-facing camera with the rear-facing camera making use of traditional 20 megapixel sensor, supporting 4k video recording.

The device’s front-facing “BoomSound” stereo speakers are making use of Dolby Audio tuning. With HTC’s Sense 7 user interface and software suite, the M9 runs on Android 5.0 lollipop.


The screen on the HTC One M9 is somewhat great and little dis-satisfactory, and the resolution of 1920 x 1080 on a 5-inch footprint is completely fine and look rich, colorful and bright. When considering the color temperature, the disappointing part comes here, and it is extremely wonderful and cool with a slight green tint as compare to its predecessor.

It seems that the company has not worked a lot on the screen of the device as it is delivering a very similar thing to last year’s model, but it is fine, and still it looks the part – plus by not going for a QHD resolution it particularly got a good chance of saving battery.


You know that the all-new HTC One M9 does not really require to be explained, and it needs to be felt. One of the foremost things is the new two-tone design of the device. The device has a ridge, which connects the front to the back.

HTC One M9 looks as if the front of the phone has been a device into the rear. The company has managed to remove the thin plastic edge between the screen and frame. However, there are some tweaks from the One M8 with the power key with the power key moving to the side of the phone despite the brand stick with a 5-inch screen and lessening the height of the device.

It is crabbed design, and one, which is highlighted by the fact that the front metal is a goldish-silver while the edge is gold. Just turn the device around, and it will change again to and this time device will be a more traditional silver finish. However, not the colors of the device are as glitzy as the gunmetal grey version of the device is dark and broody instead.


The HTC One M9 has a microSD memory card slot even the upcoming Galaxy S6 doesn’t have. You are already getting 32GB of internal storage, but the memory card slot allows you to increase that up to a huge 160GB for around £60. When it comes to upgrading to the 128GB version of a phone, it would cost you a lot more than that.

The BoomSound speakers are back, too. These front-facing stereo speakers made their debut with the original HTC One a couple of years ago, and they haven’t changed a great deal since.

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But they’re still just about the best mobile phone speakers around. It is not like that they are super loud, but rather they are offering richer-sounding. A minor software update to the speaker is there this year too. To suit music and movies, the Dolby sound modes enable you to tweak output. The movie mode of the device makes the sound bigger, and music will do its best to get you a natural tone.

So, if you are looking forwarding to purchasing a new Android device that comes with some of the high-end features, opting for HTC One M9 will be the best decision for you as it will give you a mind-blowing experience.

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