Day-by-day, the android gaming world is expanding as more and more people are opting for android platform and enjoying numerous games in their device.


Recently, a second annual GDC State of the Industry Research has been conducted, and it reveals game developer’s targeted platforms for future projects.

Demand of Android Game 2014

This conference has been attended by more than 2600 game developers, who take part in it and cracking light on trends in platform preference, funding sources, and relationships with publishers and more.

This conference has polled approximately 2600 North American game developers, who attended this conference to compose the second annual State of the Industry Survey that offers a complete picture of game industry and illustrated different trends of it.

According to the survey that performed, it comes to know that 20% of developers said that they intend to release their next game on below mentioned devices and consoles:

  • 4% of developers said they release game for Sony’s Play Station
  • 17% of developers said they develop game for Xbox One
  • 4% of developers will go with Wii U
  • 40% of developers said they are currently developing games for PlayStation 4
  • 51% of developers said that they are planning to make their next game for smart-phones and tablets while other 52% anticipate releasing their next generation game on PC/MAC.

Among different mobile platforms, Android is one of the most widely used and popular game development platforms that adopted by more than 50% of developers to develop their next-generation game.

We can imagine the popularity of Android in the gaming industry as most of the people are demanding for android games.

As compare to any other category applications, today android smart-phone as well as tablet users are looking to get a gaming application that has their desired features, levels, performance and other functionality.

With constant increasing the demand of Android games, you would find most of the developers have started developing games for android as the popularity of gaming consoles compare to smart-phones and tablets have been decreased.

However, if you have decided to get your own game that based on android platform, you should hire an expert android developer, who comprehends your needs of games and develop a perfect game that suffice your entertainment needs.

No matter what type of game you need, a professional developer has capability to develop all types of games irrespective category and type. In short, we can say that the android game development market is expanding day-by-day and it is expected that it will give sturdy competition to other mobile platforms.

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