As we all know that Microsoft's upcoming OS is already booming in the market as a range of new features and improvements have been introduced by the company.

If you wanted to get start with Windows 10 Technical Preview, you can continue reading this blog and find 6 must to know tips after installing Windows 10 Technical Preview.



Still Windows 10 is a preview, and it is months away from the final release. The upcoming OS of the Microsoft has already taken shape with numerous features and improvements.

Day-by-day, a lot of people are becoming the part of the Windows Insider program in order to get a taste of what’s to come later this summer at the time of Microsoft launches Windows 10 to the public. Here, you can find 5 must o know tips that you should check-out after installing Windows 10 Technical preview:

1. Enable Cortana and Hey Cortana

Enable Cortana and Hey Cortana

When it comes to talking about the Microsoft’s’ digital assistant, Cortana was initially launched in Windows Phone 8.1. However, now, the company is offering assistant to the Windows 10 desktop.

While installing if you are not able to enable Cortana, you can click on the taskbar’s search box so that you can bring up the the option in order to allow the personal assistant and click on Allow.

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However, if you are trying to use the ‘Hey Cortana’ feature, you can click on the menu button in the top-left corner to bring Cortana’s settings. You just have to scroll down until you see the option”Let Cortana respond when you say “Hey Cortana, “then simply slide the switch to the “on” position.

2. Try Out Some Additional Applications

Windows 10’s latest preview collects some of the interesting applications, including a new Xbox app, Insider Hub, Windows Feedback, Project Spartan web browser and some of the other built-in utilities like the new Alarms & Clock, Calculator, Voice Recorder and even a new OneNote application.

Try Out Some Additional Applications

For using Windows 10, these are the best applications; however, the company is also making obtainable a preview of the touch-friendly version of Word, PowerPoint and Excel. These are the applications that are part of Office 2016 due later this year.

Being universal applications, it means the same code is running on PCs, phones and tablets. Yet the company has not released the same apps optimized for phones or tablets.

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Microsoft is also introducing a Music Preview and Video Preview apps along with Universal Office applications for Windows 10. Both the applications have introduced a new look, which matched with the design Microsoft is trying to implement across different applications throughout the operating system.

3. Pin Your Favorite Settings

Pin Your Favorite Settings

Are you accessing the same settings over-and-over on the Settings applications? Windows 10 had made it a lot simpler for you to access the same settings quicker.

Still if you have not noticed, the settings applications feature a pin icon in the top-right corner of the screen that is next to the search box. It is one such pin that enables you to section of the settings app to the Start menu.

4. Stop the syncing madness

For installing a preview of Windows 10, the single most essential requirement is to register as a Windows Insider. By registering for the program, you can get an access to the top builds to the store beta and to send feedback to Microsoft.

Stop the syncing madness

Moreover, it gives an opportunity to the company to track how you make use of Windows 10 so that the company can boost and fix the operating system.

Chances are high that various users will use the same Microsoft account that they are using with Windows 8.1 to register as a Windows Insider. Making use of the same Microsoft account is beneficial as by default Windows can synchronize all your settings from primary computer to the new installation of Windows 10.

You may change some of the settings to see how things are working if you are simply testing Windows 10 Technical Preview. It is good to disable the sync option in the Settings app to avoid “testing settings” from copying across all your devices.

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If you wanted to stop synchronization of your Windows settings, you just have to open the Settings application, click accounts, navigate to Sync your settings and just turn off the sync settings option.

By disabling this will stop apps, themes, passwords, web browser settings, language preferences and other Windows settings from syncing between computers.

5. Recovering Hard Drive Space

Probably you have not noticed that Microsoft makes a backup of the earlier installation in a folder called Windows.old if you are making an upgrade to a new build of Windows 10. It is a back-up standard procedure if things go wrong while installing. However, you also need roll back to the earlier build.

Recovering Hard Drive Space

Once the installation completes accurately, the “Windows.old” folder will stay on the hard drive making use of important hard-drive space. This is the space that you might be using for files, which are essential.

Below mentioned instructions will guide you to the process of removing theWindows.old folder from Windows 10:

  • You have to type cleanmgr.exe in Cortana’s search box on the taskbar and just hit enter.
  • Now, click the clean-up system files button.
  • Here, you will get a complete list of system files that you can delete from your installation. For delection, you can select everything from the list “Previous Windows Installations” and “Temporary Windows Installation Files” options from the list. Now, click OK and wait for the process to finish.

By deleting earlier installation files of Windows 10 will give back around 11 GB. It is very much important storage especially if you are running the OS on a device with limited storage capacity.

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So, these are the 5 must to know tips after installing Windows 10 Technical Preview. Stay connected with us to get more information on Windows 10 and its solutions. However, if you want to get an assistance from professional Windows developer, you can get in touch with us.

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