Lots of rumors are coming about Apple’s iOS 8 release date, features and other aspects. But, what about us?

Hope to see five mentioned features of the upcoming iOS in 2014.


Apple’s iOS 8

When Tim Cook first revealed iOS 7, he told it the biggest change since the iPhone. Along with some new features, the OS got a huge visual and interaction refurbish that make users amazed while using this OS. By using the features of Apple’s iOS 7, we can imagine what will be on offer in iOS 8 and what would be the features of the upcoming OS.

From last several days, we also heard about Apple’s Healthbook, which is an application that Apple is evidently readying to come pre-installed in iOS 8. It comes to know that this application allows users to monitor and store fitness information such as miles walked, steps taken, weightloss and more. Now, many of you all think that is this application play nicely with the iWatch?

Apart from this, there are lots of other things that people are hoping to see in Apple’s iOS 8 that may roll out later in 2014. Let’s have a look on 5 things that we all are hoping to see in iOS 8:

Better iOS Apps Management:
As we all know that Apple mechanizes app updates of iOS 7, but it’s time to go further. Devs struggle with iCloud application data, but it is must to make it child’s play in order to save and restore whenever you reinstall an application. However, it is also important that App store should also provide trails and paid version updates.

Group FaceTime Calls:
Apple’s iOS is not specially joined FaceTime calls, but the company’s mobile platform is where FaceTime began life. Moreover, the one-to-one model is completely best as it is about time that you could call numerous people at once without any hassle and have very smooth communication with them. Don’t you think it is completely best for all those friends’ group, who wanted to have a talk together?

Alter & Hide Default iOS Applications:
Many of us love to select some non-Apple options when it comes to handle email, browsing and maps. No doubt, it will happen soon, but the company is not offering any way to hide preinstalled application that you are using anymore. Even in the Apple TV, there was a similar parental controls trick to the one on the Apple TV for hiding apps.

Many More Do Not Disturb Alternatives:
We all know that in the iOS 7, we all gained some extra Do Not Disturb power that allows you to silence notifications only when any device is locked. Still, it keeps a single schedule while. So what you think it is more than Apple to allow you to at least set one for weekdays and a separate one for weekends.

Sturdy Inter-app Communications:
Till today, if it comes to consider the weakest element of iOS, inter-app communication is one such feature that we all are missing. It is one of the worst things when we are making nay doc or editing it across different apps workflow. So, we are hoping to see strong inter-app communication in the upcoming iOS in 2014. Hope, Apple consider this point and work on it.

So, above mentioned 5 things are highly expecting from Apple in iOS 8, still the company did not confirm any of the feature of iOS 8, but we can hope that the company will surely make it more advanced and more powerful than earlier versions.

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