commas-leftApple will reject all voice enabled apps & messaging apps which are not compatible and tested on iPV 6. When you app will run on 4G network then it may encounter issue in transferring data over the network because 4G network spans IPV 6.commas-right

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You will see error like:

This is the usual error you will see in Resolution Center:

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So what is IPV 6?

IPV 6 is the latest Internet Protocol (IP) that overcomes IPV 4 limitations in order to facilitate
more space of inter connected computers on internet.

Main Benefit

Technical benefit is large address space compared to IPV 4. IPV 6 are represented in eight groups
consists of hexadecimal values separated by colons. Example is:


The length of IPV 4 is 32 bits whereas IPV 6 has length of 128 bits.

Now to overcome this and submitting your app you must go through testing your app on IPV 6.
In this article we will take you through step by step process of testing app on IPV 6 without any
investment and hardware.

How to Test App on IPV 6 Network?


Your mac or mac mini is to be connected to internet via ethernet.

Goto Apple menu?Preferences

Press the Option key or Alt key (if using general keyboard) and click Sharing. Don’t release the Option key yet.

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Now, select internet sharing as highlighted.

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Turn on the checkbox for Nat 64 network

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Select “Share your connection from” dropdown to select the interface that provides internet ex: Thunderbolt ethernet

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Now, you have to select WIFI check box to make this mac/macmini a source of IPV 6 network

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Now go to Wifi Options and Set network name and credentials for Mobile devices to access this wifi.

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Below is the snap to create network it’s like making your mac/macmini a hotspot.

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Click okay in above screen and click checkbox of Internet sharing

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You will see the alert to start Internet Sharing just click ’Start’

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Once you click start – your network is ready for testing on IPV 6 or virtual 4G. You will wifi hotspot icon at top right of status bar of Mac/Macmini.

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Now, you can connect your iOS or Android device to this wifi from settings of device. And provide password which you set in credentials of wifi.

Thanks for reading!

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