Microsoft’s Kinect, a prototype system, introduces to build a bridge between sign language and the spoken word.

This device will do translation like what Google has done for language to language translation.



According to survey, it is estimated that more than 360 million people are feeling difficulty in hearing and majority of people do not understand sign language. Thus, normal people find difficulty in understanding and interacting becomes difficult.

Kinect Sign Language Translator is an excellent piece of technology, filling gap between the people, who are not able to speak same language, whether they can hear or not. Researchers are hoping that translation becomes easier and affordable, if we are translating sign language into spoken language and vice versa in real time.

Person’s gestures are captured by Kinect Sign Language Translator, while pattern recognition programming and machine learning helps to understand the meaning. A given conversation from both sides, a deaf person, who is showing and person who is speaking, can be easily captured by this system. The best thing about this system is it converts visual signs into written and spoken translation rendered in real-time while spoken words into accurate visual signs.

To create Kinect Sign Language Translator, huge amount of efforts needed to get this achievement. Currently, 5 people work to create the recognition patterns for just one word and right now, only 300 Chinese sign language words have been added by them out of 4,000 words.

According to the program manager of the Kinect Sign Language Translator project, Guobin Wu, it becomes very challenging part of the project to identify. Data gloves and webcams are tried by Kinect researchers, but lastly it is found out that Microsoft Kinect is a wonderful device that continues to enhance the user experience for motion based computing and interaction.

However, the biggest problem for people is how to take Kinect technology on the move as putting in front of a TV set is not always preferable. Possibly, we will see a Google Glass-type translation service with portable Kinect technology in the future. Do you thinking the Microsoft Kinect surprise us with new hacks? Share your thoughts through comments.

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