Microsoft finally unveiled its much-awaited Windows 10 that comes with a comprehensive range of features.

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Build of Microsoft Windows 10

Finally, Microsoft has showed off its new and latest Windows 10 that comes with a comprehensive range of new features. Many of us were curiously waiting for this new and high-end OS that finally unveiled at the company’s press event.

Most of the demonstration of this new OS focused on enhancing the built-in apps and features of Windows Phone and fixing a lot of the oddities, including photos, mail, maps, messaging and Skype. Among all the improvements, mail is the biggest improvement to the built-in applications.

Across Windows 10 phones, PCs and tablets, the company is developing a universal outlook app that seems to be a lot better than earlier app that came with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.1. Further, Word is developed into the Outlook application, enabling users to author emails in a much richer way than before.

It includes complete support for inserting tables and full text formatting. You are also capable to swipe right to delete an email or you can swipe left to flag it. These are such actions that can be easily synced to the PC, so you can easily pick up your standard email at a later date.

Moving ahead, Calendar of the OS has also been enhanced, and users will also get a complete support for Gmail over their phone, tablet and PC. Apart from this, a lot of other web services can be accessed seamlessly like IMAP, POP and Exchange.

In short, we can say that Microsoft has worked very hard to provide a complete mail experience to its users that comprise full support for competitor services. If you are a Windows or Windows Phone user, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

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Calendar, Photos and Mail Have Been Twisted Efficiently

On Windows 10, camera and photos have been twisted for phones. There is one common universal photos application as like Mail app across tablets, phones and PCs. With this high-end application, the images that you take with the built-in camera will be surfaced.

The basic fixed camera is the Lumia Camera now, and it features the same interface as an instant ways to capture videos and more. However, if you have a HTC or Samsung Windows Phone, you will get these enhancements as it is the default camera application. However, it is completely good change and an excellent way to avoid any confusion over which camera application to use.

Moving ahead, Maps are also getting improvements that we were expecting in Windows 10 for phones. Presently, users can find HERE maps or Bing Maps and it is a confusing mix of map apps for phones. The company is moving ahead to a single Maps app in Windows 10 for phones that comes with turn-by-turn directions and Cortana integration.

It is completely powered by Nokia’s HERE maps, but it is fully made by Microsoft company. This Map application will guide you completely if you ask for any destination no matter whether it is far away or just walking distance. The best thing about it is Cortana is always listening in the Maps app to allow this kind of functionality.

Old Start Menu With New Look

old start menu windows 10

Now, Windows 10’s start menu will expand to a full-screen view, which looks like Windows 8.1’s home screen. However, a new Android-style Action Center offers a quick access to Wi-Fi options, Bluetooth and other settings.

The settings menus themselves must be cleaned up and simpler to use. It is company’s efforts to keep the best features of desktop Windows while adapting to touchscreens. However, a new feature has been included that known as Continuum. It is especially designed for convertible devices, switching about instantly from a mouse and keyboard to a tablet screen.

Goodbye Internet Explorer & Welcome to Project Spartan

Earlier in some leads, we already saw that Windows is replacing the old Internet Explorer with a new browser that called as Project Spartan that specially designed for Windows 10.

With various new features and integration with other Microsoft services, it is a completely new cleaner browser. In this, users can find a note-taking mode which allows them to draw all over pages with a stylus or add comments with a keyboard.

Its clean reading mode also work as you expected as it formats a page like a book and adds a syncable reading list that’s basically “Pocket for Microsoft” or Safari’s page-saving feature. Spartan has Cortana built into it identifying information like restaurants or plane flights and offering extra information.

Desktop on your Phone

Desktop on your phone

As we all know that Windows 8 was a desktop/tablet negotiation, but Windows 10 has gone ahead as it is for phones too. Users can also find a build of it tailored to devices small than 8-inches that identifies the interface to look a lot more like the old Windows Phone OS.

Notifications will sync between PC and phone, and Microsoft-owned service Skype will integrate into the messaging application.

Role of OneDrive

Role of OneDrive

Well, it is true that OneDrive has not get a distinct announcement, but it was everywhere in the presentation. It is considered as a backbone of its apps enabling docs to sync across devices. Moreover, Belfiore also ribbed a biggest role for OneDrive in photos and music – for example music will sync between devices using OneDrive.

Now, Your PC is Xbox

Your PC is Xbox

As we all know that Microsoft owns a huge gaming market as the company owns a large portion of the console gaming market. Confidently, the company has figured it out due to the announcement an Xbox application for launch on every Windows 10 machine.

This application brings over Xbox One features such as friends list, messages and activity feed. On Xbox Live, you will be able to chat with people and view console achievements and videos from your desktop and record your own clips on PC.

Initially, when you will get its first look, it seems like an expanded version of Microsoft’s SmartGlass mobile application. Moreover, you are allowed to stream games from your Xbox One as its generally comparable to Sony streaming games from the Playstation 4 to the Vita.

When you will get it?

At the Press Event, Myerson also revealed some stats from the Windows 10 Technical Preview. As more than 1.7 million people have registered for Windows Insider program and they all have installed Windows 10 on approximately 3 million different PCs.

However, the all new Windows 10’s new announced features will hit PCs next week, and a Windows 10 build for phones can be obtainable after the Super Bowl.

Stay tuned with us for more information on Windows 10 and its advanced features. We will keep updating more and more about this!

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